7 reasons why I am such a successful London model escort

Here at Confidential Models we are continually trying to improve your experience and bring any London model escort from our agency forward because they are our muses, our inspiration and the reason why we are so popular in the business today. It’s all their hard work and dedication towards the clients that makes our service an elite one; hence we should give them the deserved credit. In the following lines we decided to share with you the point of view of one of our leading London model escorts, when asked what she believed to be the top 7 reasons why she is so successful. The reasons she evoked will definitely surprise you, especially no. 4 and 6.


Catty Model Escorts LondonA London model escort must have an impeccable body


Even for a London model escort, my body is out of the ordinary in the sense that I have put a tremendous amount of effort into taking care of my diet, workout routines and overall lifestyle so that I look amazing without having to need outside help. And yes, I am all natural, from the D-sized cups to the colour of my skin and shine in my hair. With plenty of fitness routines and exercise in my life, I managed to bring to light an incredible toned and firm body without losing my hourglass figure that men find so appealing. I am a sultry and slightly slender London models escort, but my femininity is captured in the delicacy of my shapes and perfect proportions achieved through sport.


Dapper on the outside


I have always been told I was posh and proper, even from a young age. My parent’s friends would ask if I was sent to one of the traditional all girls’ schools for good manners, but the truth of the matter is that it has been in my nature to act as a lady, not a tomboy. And what a great skill that is when you are working as a London model escort. In our field, men are not only looking for a quick date with intercourse involved. They are as sophisticated as we are and often take us to upscale restaurants, wine tastings and cocktail bars. I always make time before a date to pick out proper attire, sometimes from my vast collection of elegant dresses and other times by going shopping. Depending if I know where we are going or not, I might dress more casually, but always keep a level of sophistication in the accessories beyond what most women would use.


Classy on the inside


Looking great and dressing like royalty are great things to have and have certainly helped propel my career, but this is not everything that matters when you are a London model escort. As a matter of fact, the same level of elegance must be visible on the inside as well. And it makes sense, what influential and smart gentleman would like to have a Barbie by his side? I always present my clients with a fully rounded experience, and they value the emotional connection we share as much as the physical one because they are also men with impeccably refined taste and class.


Travel genius


Since London is not only a major tourist destination which attracts gentlemen from all countries and continents of the world, but also a major transportation hub with connecting flights all over the planet, there is no wonder that I have slowly become an expert in foreign destinations. On the one hand, I have my local visitors to thank for this distinguishing ability, because I always pay attention to the endless stories that businessmen and foreign clients have to tell me, and on the other hand, I need to give credit to the many loyal customers that crave to enjoy my company along their side on all sorts of exotic escapades. And who can blame them? There is nothing more releasing or tension breaking than going on an uninhibited adventure, where we are unrestrained and free to be as wild as we wish, while getting to know new cultures and traditions in the process.


Manners and social etiquette


This one is a tricky one. Although you might expect conduit to be part of the package when dealing with the best models escort companies in London have to offer, this is no always the case. Many of the London model escort agencies offer women stunning on the outside, but complete slobs when introduced to certain social situations. And who would like such a companion, when you can have the best of both worlds with a London model escort like me? As far as I am concerned, as a veteran London model escort, I have to say without fake modesty that I am considered part of the elite and this is what my clients have said over and over again. I am well versed into the particularities of dining on foreign cuisines, choosing the right silks and cashmeres and saying the proper things. As a bonus, I am also an expert in lace lingerie, but this is a whole new topic.




Intelligent and cultivated ladies are frequently seen in the category of models escorts London agencies list, especially in such a developed environment like our capital. But simply having read a lot of books or completed a formal education is not enough to make you shine in some of the most select circles. Knowing your facts and possessing a versed vocabulary has certainty got plenty of girls who call themselves a London model escort through the door in some circles, but I can honestly boast with much more than that. I am a genuine culture buff that never misses the new plays or exhibitions displayed in London. The clients can tell when you are faking, so they always appreciate my passion for art.


Family friendly


Someone told one of my friends, who is also a prestigious London model escort working here at Confidential Models, that she is an amazingly arousing courtesan, but he had doubts whether or not she would make a good companion for a family dinner for Christmas. So she dared him to bring her along and that client didn’t regret one bit. Her story inspired me to take action in advance and show my clients that I am versatile enough to fit any role, not just the ones we play in the bedroom. In the end, there is nothing more uplifting that letting lose to our unbridled desires, but when it comes to meeting friends or the folks, I am a professional London model escort who turns like a chameleon into the serious and nice girl that nobody suspects of having such a dirty mind.