Elite London Escorts, or the Art of Escorting

From the beginning of time, companionship has been one of the most important things in the world. Lots of people grow up, find someone and grow old, without needing to even look at someone else. For everyone else, we have elite London escorts. Even though they haven’t exactly been around right from the beginning of time, our wonderful elite VIP escorts are beautiful, intelligent, caring and experienced enough to ensure that they not only help you with your need for companionship, but they also help you fulfil your dreams and fantasies.

Whether you need to be accompanied at a high society event or you just need some company for the evening, our agency’s elite London escorts represent your top choice. Time spent in the company of one, or more, of these wonderful ladies will provide you with an experience that you will never ever forget. As a premier elite London escort agency, we offer you the possibility to meet a wide range of amazing models for a multitude of booking types. With one of our models, you know you are going to have a perfect experience.

About Elite London Escorts

Elite escorts have been around for many centuries, even though they haven’t always been known by this name. Every major culture in human history has had its own version of high class escorts. Elite English escorts made their presence felt during the Renaissance, probably inspired by the wonderful elite courtesans escorts that were so popular with royal courts all around Europe. Back then, just like today, they represented the elite, the best of the best. They were respected and loved by kings and princes, and even queens didn’t say “no” to them every once in a while. They knew how to make themselves loved and they knew how to fulfil the needs of the people whose company they enjoyed. These are traits that are shared by modern-day elite model escorts.

The main difference is that, today you don’t have to be part of nobility to enjoy the company of an elite escort in London. In fact, anyone has the possibility to spend time with the best elite escorts London have to offer, if you but look in the right place. Today, you can easily hire the most beautiful and selfless elite escort London has to offer to travel with you to the most exotic destination you can think about. This is how far we’ve come!

It is very important to make the proper distinction between elite escorts London based or not, and prostitutes, hookers and other types of sex workers. And what you need to know is that they shouldn’t even be in the same category. Elite escorts are paid for their time and nothing else. Whatever happens between client and escort during the booking is entirely up to them, the chemistry they share and well they get along together. If you want to learn more about how some bookings unwind, feel free to check out our blog, where you will find many stories written by some of our escorts and clients.

Why our Elite London Escorts are the Best

At Confidential Models, we value quality above all else. Therefore, we have a very thorough selection and training process, which ensures that all our elite London escorts will work at their full potential from their first booking and will continue to improve themselves all the time while they work with us. Whether they are elite English escorts, elite courtesans escorts or exotic model escorts, all the ladies that work with our agency are unique, but they do share the following qualities: stunning beauty, intelligence, sense of humour, ability to empathise and perfect knowledge of the manners and behaviour required in highest society. To be among the London escorts elite means to possess all of these qualities, and more.

The beauty of our models is legendary. Even though they all come from various parts of the world and from unique backgrounds, they are all beauty queens and could very well be among the most beautiful women in London, or even in Britain. Some are slimmer, while others are more bodacious. Some are olive skinned exotic beauties from mysterious South America, while others are fair skinned nymphs from all over Europe. But, no matter which girl you go out with, you can be sure that you’re always accompanied by one of the most beautiful elite escorts in London.

Intelligence and a well-developed sense of humour are also very important qualities that all our elite London escorts share. Every single one of the escorts you can find at our elite London escort agency has at least her Bachelor’s degree or equivalent, or is still in university and on course of claiming it. Some of the escorts available here also have a Master’s degree. This is important for all you ladies and gentlemen out there looking for a fulfilling and complete experience. Beauty without intelligence is something that you can find on any street. With true elite VIP escorts, like the girls available at our agency, you can talk about anything you like, you can make any joke, without fearing that your remarks are going to go over her head. Furthermore, a great sense of humour is actually one of the most important qualities a true elite escort must possess and it’s one of our requirements during the interview process. They say that the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, but we believe that laughter is the key to all hearts.

In addition, we believe that the best elite escort agency London has to offer must work with girls who are caring and who are very empathic, because they are truly the best in the business. There are many reasons for which you can hire elite escorts in London, but if you are going to spend time talking to someone, you want that person to be able to relate to you. You might find it a bit cliché that all the girls that work at our agency have a heart of gold, but it’s true. They are ladies who want to hear about your day and about your problems. They are ladies that will support you and pay attention to you if that is what you need. They are ladies that will not only provide you with physical closeness and company, but also with the emotional support and release valve that so many of us need today. We live in very stressful times, and sometimes we just need someone who can be there for us and who can understand us. And this is just one of the things elite London escorts can do for you.

These are the qualities that all the wonderful ladies currently working with our elite escort agency share. All of them have many other qualities and talents that make them unique, interesting, engaging and very fun. But we’ll not give too much away and we’ll let you discover those for yourself, as you book each girl. Discovering what the girls are good at can be half the fun during your first booking with any of our models.

Travelling with Elite London Escorts

There are many things you can do while on a booking with the best escorts. You can attend parties, you can eat at the best restaurants or dance in the city’s most famous clubs. You can visit the city’s attractions and you can lose yourself in the magic that only a city like London can provide. But, if you want get away from it all and go somewhere else, most of our models are available for worldwide travel. With our elite travel escorts, you can improve your vacation or business trip, or you can benefit from a top escort’s services wherever you may live. If you are not from London, but would like to meet one of our elite English escorts or other models, you can do it at your leisure.

But if, as we mentioned before, you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of London, there’s no better person to do it with than the most beautiful elite escort London has to offer. Whether you’d like to visit another of the world’s major cities, like Milan, Paris, Wien, Tokyo, Hong Kong, New York or Los Angeles, or you’d favour a more exotic destination, like Ibiza, the Bahamas or Hawaii, one of our elite travel escorts will be the perfect companion. Many of them speak more than one language and could even help you adapt easier to your destination. But this is not the main reason why you should go on a vacation with elite model escorts. The main reason is that, for the entire duration of the trip, you are going to have an extremely beautiful and resourceful lady by your side, who will be interested in all the activities you’ll want to partake in and who will use her considerable talents to ensure that you’ll be on the trip of a lifetime.

An amazing escort can also enhance your business trip. No longer will you need to despair at the thought that you’ll be alone in a strange city and all you’ll have to look forward to is work and sleep. You can travel with an elite London escort and, while you take care of business, she can prepare for all the wonderful things you can do after. She can set up an itinerary if there’s something there you’d like to visit, she can do research for the best places to eat or the best bars and clubs, or she can just be there to keep you company at your hotel room. You can enjoy all the time you have together alone if that is what you want and that is what you’re in the mood for. If it’s part of her skillset (which you can ask about in advance), she can even give you a massage to ensure that you are as relaxed as possible after all your stressful work-related activities.

Booking Elite London Escorts in the City

Even if you are not planning something as extravagant as a trip, you can still have the experience of a lifetime in the company of a girl who’s part of the London escort elite. A girl who is at the very top can improve any kind of activity. Even if you just feel like going to the pub and having a few pints, doing it in the company of a model from the London escort elite will make it truly unforgettable. You’ll enjoy the most wonderful company possible and the night can lead you to many amazing and pleasurable events.

Furthermore, the company of one of our elite London escorts can unlock many doors. With one of our models by your side, you won’t have to worry about the waiting lines of the most exclusive restaurants and clubs in town. You will be able to enjoy the finest cuisine and entertainment this city has to offer, in the company of one of the most beautiful and open-minded ladies this city has to offer. With the best elite London escorts, you will not only enjoy a very pleasant evening, but you will broaden your horizons and experience new things.

We believe that we can only be the best elite escort agency London has to offer if we work with the best models. This is why at our agency you will find some of the best elite London escorts in the business. They are beautiful, open-minded, intelligent and always ready to handle your needs, whatever they may be. So stop thinking about it and start living in the moment! If you would like to learn more about our elite London escorts and about how you can set up a booking, contact us. We’ll help you learn everything you need and, with us, you’ll undoubtedly find the PERFECT elite London escorts!