Confessions of 3 hot collection London escorts – interview from Confidential Models

When it comes to getting inside the minds of the best hot collection London escorts, there is nothing quite like the interviews with our ladies from the Confidential Models agency. With models as different as you can imagine, that share completely distinct mind-sets and backgrounds, there is no wonder clients always find what they are looking for when resorting to our services. At the same time, this incredible diversity that makes us unique is also one of the most talked about topics within the agency. So we decided to make an interview with 3 of our hot collection London escorts. Keep reading to find out what they had to say!



You’ve all been hot collection London escorts for a while, what is the thing that you like the most about escorting?


C: I personally love meeting new and interesting people. I know this sounds a bit old-fashioned, but it’s the stories and good time that we have before that make me curious about each and every new date. And then, of course, there is the thrill of discovering everyone’s inner desires and points of pleasure. No man is the same, I’m sure of that. And this makes it even more thrilling for me because I’m that more curious to discovering what makes him tick and what I need to do to take that man to a whole new level of pleasure. It’s a journey of discovery and I love it!


M: For me, it’s the dynamic of the job that keeps me hooked. When you’re a hot collection escort, you never get bored. One day, you’re in the centre of the business district dressed in a designer dress and dining with the most influential CEOs and lawyers, and the next day you’re on a private beach in a nearby country covered in sand making love like crazy after jumping off your 6 feet yacht… You can never get bored of this lifestyle!


A: Well, I’m not like other hot collection London escorts. I didn’t come into this field because I had curiosity about the human nature or to travel the world and enjoy the freedom of a loose schedule. Or the money! No one gets to our level if they are in it for the money, let me just tell you that. You have to really enjoy what you do and have a high level of class as a person, not be a gold digger! I confess I first joined the hot collection London escorts crew, as I like to call it, for the physical pleasures involved.


What about the negative aspects of being hot collection London escorts?  Is there something you don’t like?


C:  Ask all hot collection London escorts this and they will answer like any normal person would when being asked about their job: yes! There is no such thing as the perfect career or perfect job and there will always be a moment or two when you don’t fully like the situation. But as long as they are rare and the exception rather than the rule, I can say you are fine. Sure, there will be a client who says “Go out with me in public dressed really nice” and by nice they mean in a sexy dress more suitable for the bedroom rather than a mall or restaurant but what can you do? You please your client no matter what and you do it with a smile on your face at all moments!


M: Oh gosh, I loved what you said C about the fact that all of the hot collection escorts London provides can have a bad moment in a blue moon. It’s definitely true! Regardless of the fact that we are operating as high class hot collection London escorts, there is no limit or censor to human nature and you must always give your client the time of his life. For me, an uncomfortable moment was when I had an elderly gentleman for one night and he was really affectionate in public before we got to spend some time alone at a local hotel. Surprisingly, the hotel time was amazing and it was clear the senor knew his moves, however dining out was a bit stressful since people stopped, stared at us or even honked their horns. I wished everyone would be more open-minded! There is no need for insult; we all just want to be happy. In fact, it made me angry and even more willing to show that gentleman the time of his life. He deserved it!


A: My most dreaded moments from the hot collection London escorts days are of a different nature, especially regarding what happens between closed doors. I am a completely open minded and natural person and will never shy away from doing anything or taking any position a man would request me to. I do however, have a fear of nurses, drawing back from when I was a child and had to spend a couple of days at the hospital for a kidney problem. Since then, I can’t stand seeing nurse outfits, so don’t make me wear one, no matter how horny it makes you feel. Don’t get me wrong, as hot collection escorts, we all love role playing but I just prefer other characters.



Who is the average client of hot collection London escorts? What types of men do you meet?



C: My average client is usually young, in his mid-30s or 40s tops, with a busy career and even busier life. Most of them have never been married. They simply don’t have the time to go out dating for months or weeks until they can share some late-night fun with someone.


M: For me it’s the same, men in their 30s to50s. Most work late hours and require the presence of a lady willing to be theirs at any moment of the evening or night, something regular girls wouldn’t put up with more than once or twice. And this is where we come into the picture. Hot collection London escorts never complain about going out to dinner late or not having you around for a friend’s birthday. There are no strings attached!


A: I’d rather just say that I have no average client. They are as diverse as you can imagine. Foreign and domestic, young or in their pride, I take on all sorts of clients and I’m proud of that.