A Day On The Job Of Top Model Escorts

Our top model escorts don’t see escorting as a job. They see it more as a lifestyle which they enjoy. For a woman or man to be able to enjoy this kind of lifestyle, they would have to have a particular set of skills and characteristics. That is why most of our London photo model escorts are open and love luxury, they enjoy meeting new people and have excellent social skills, know how to have fun and make the best of any situation. These are just a few of the traits our top model escorts feature, but they are important because these help them offer a high-quality experience to their clients. If you read the stories some of the glamour model escorts London offers have shared with us below, you will understand what we’re talking about here.


our top british female escortsThe world of top model escorts is a unique one, and it cannot be understood by many of those who are not part of it. Nonetheless, you could peek into it and see what being an escort is all about, from the perspective of our photo model escorts. You’ll see that they truly enjoy their job and this lifestyle and that being part of their lives is an honour.


Stories from a day on the job of top model escorts


We’ll let a few of our top model escorts tell you more about what a day on the job is like for them. If you’ve already booked one of our photo models escorts, you know just one side of it, from your perspective. Also, every day is different for an escort because each of their clients represents a new challenge, one they enjoy to its fullest.


First day on the job


I became one of the top model escorts at an early age. I was 19 back then, and I felt like this is the time to start my life and live it just like I want to, without carrying about what other people might say about me. I was a student and short of money, so I was considering taking a job. The thought of working as an elite escort had come across my mind earlier that year. I thought that meeting people and getting paid for it sounds pretty fun. I signed up with an agency, and my first booking didn’t fail to come.

The day of the booking came, and I was supposed to meet the gentleman that booked my top model escorts services at a café and then join him at his hotel, nearby. We spent about an hour just talking and getting to know each other better. I soon realised that I liked him, so it only seemed natural to go with him to his hotel room when he asked me to. For me, it was the first time I was with an older gentleman, and I was more than nervous. As he undressed me, I couldn’t even move. I was not a virgin, and I was always open and eager when it comes to sex, but this time I didn’t know what to do. Surprisingly, he took care of me, and the sex wasn’t bad. He made sure that I had an orgasm, so he was very considerate. The sex was better than the one I had with some of my boyfriends. So, it’s true that men become better in bed once they age.

He booked me for two hours, so when the time was up, he kissed me on my forehead before leaving and told me he would contact me again, once he was in town. He became one of my regulars, and I enjoy his company because he is a great man and was my first client. I must admit that I had a hard time with my first booking, but having a considerate gentleman by my side made it a lot easier and I considered continuing doing this as a job. I realised that I really enjoy being one of the top model escorts and that this lifestyle is something that’s right for me. So, ever since then I am an escort and I love it.


Something new


When I had this booking, I am going to tell you about, and I was already working as an escort for half a year. The gentleman I had to meet that day was pleasant looking and in his mid-30s. We small-talked for a while about the weather and the London traffic, nothing unusual here. He was one of my regulars and I really enjoyed spending my time with him. We had even become intimate on more than one occasion. I asked him what did he have in mind for that booking and what did he want me to do and he told me that he would love to try some anal. I told him that I am not very experienced in this department and that I am willing to learn more about it. He was very gentle and warmed me up using his fingers and some lube. I liked his touch, and it slowly turned me on. He made sure I was ready, and he slowly penetrated me. I was turned on already and didn’t feel any discomfort. It was pleasant, and I enjoyed it. He moved slowly and massaged my clit with his fingers. He came shortly and then he continued massaging my clit until I came as well. Even though my previous experiences weren’t the best ones when it comes to anal, this one was great and opened my appetite for it. Even if I was somewhat experienced when I started working as one of the top model escorts, this job has taught me plenty of new things, and that’s one of the reasons I love it.