Our Elite London Escort Carina Shares Her Wildest Dream with us

Carina is one of our girls that earned the right to call herself an elite London escort. And this is because she truly offers her clients and amazing experience, and makes then book her again and again. This truly means something for us, and we are sure that it also means something for you as well. So, today, we decided to have a sit down with her and have her tell us her wildest fantasy as an elite London escort.


carina-elite-escort (4)“Well, it’s funny question because I truly never thought that I would have to answer the question from an elite London escort point of view. The truth is that there is really not much of a difference between my dreams as an escort and my dreams as a woman. And when you want me to share with you my wildest dreams meaning my sexual fantasies or my wildest dreams as what I desire for myself from the future? Well, I’ll say both just because I am open and I really do not have anything to hide.

I’ll start with my wildest fantasy. And it’s simple to be quite honest. I always wanted to have sex on a deserted island in the middle of the ocean – something like in the blue lagoon if you know the movie. Well, I like to imagine it that me and this man that  I don’t really know end up on this island. I always imagine that I was shipwrecked there, that I have half of my clothes torn apart, so that you can see a bit of my breasts though them. I know it sounds silly, but you asked me to tell you my wildest fantasy right? Well, as I was saying, I’m on the island shipwrecked, almost nude, lying on the beach, and out of nowhere there he comes. All tanned, skinny, with a long scruffy beard and long hair, like he has been there a while all alone and he has not seen a woman in ages. So, when he sees me, almost nude on the beach, an elite London escort, he can’t help himself and he comes running towards me. He doesn’t know if I’m real or his imagination and without saying a thing, he puts his hands on me. When he realizes that I’m real, he takes his hands away from me scared. However, he looks left and right and then with an animal instinct he puts his hands again on me and beings to ravage me.


An elite London escort and her dream

I know that it’s something that some of you might find that it’s silly, but that is one of my fantasies. I think that I watched too many old movies growing up if you ask me. However, there is something extremely sexy being ravaged by a man that has not touched a woman in ages, not to talk about an elite London escort. Well, here’s an idea, perhaps my desire is to be actually taken by a man that has that sweet innocent and animalistic desire to be with a woman.

Well, here it is, one of my wildest sexual fantasies as an elite London escort and as a woman. I don’t know which is which, but in any case, there it is, in all honesty.

And my fantasy that’s not sexual, well, call me old fashioned, but, again, I think that I watched a bit too many old movies. What I dream about is having my own house, and having enough money to know that I don’t have to go to a 9 to 5 job for the rest of my life. Well, I guess what I am saying is that I want to be rich and own my own house.  But, what I truly want is to have a good man next to me, a man that I love to cook breakfast lunch and supper each and every day for the rest of my life. I want that sort of life that isn’t compatible with the life of an elite London escort, meaning the type of life of a housewife. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I am doing, but in the end, I want to settle down and truly be with a good man until I grow old and grey.

But, meanwhile, I’m working on putting enough money aside because I want to buy my own house and build up the little business that I have on the side. And, meanwhile, if I am able to truly take advantage of the lifestyle that working as an elite London escort allows me to have, why not? After all I am meeting extraordinary people, having a wonderful life, and most importantly, I get paid to do just that.


We want to thank Carina for her sincere confessions and we are not the ones to judge one’s fantasies or desires so all that we want to do is to wish Carina the best of luck. Also, please remember that we have a lot of other elite London escort models that are looking forward to hear from you and get out with you on a date so that they can show you a great time.