Elite Model London Fantasy – Danyella Told Us About The Wildest Booking In This Hot Interview

Danyella is an elite model London provides and today she’s going to share with us one of the hottest experiences she’s ever had. It’s a common thing for an elite escort London offers to live some of the best experiences on the job. They’re all new and exciting. Plus, they get to meet so many men, and they’re all interesting and attractive. For high class London escorts the unknown is always exciting, and they can experience it every time they have a new client or when they’re having a date with a regular. Some of their regulars like to treat an elite model London offers the best they can and spoil them. After all, the escorts also make sure that they’re satisfied and happy with the treatment they receive. We’re going to let here tell you more.

top secret escorts danyellaA story as told by an elite model London provides

I will tell you more about one of the most exciting dates I’ve had since I started working as an elite model London provides. They’re all different, and it was hard for me to choose one, but, since you’ve asked me to tell you one of my hottest experience I chose this one. It happened almost one year ago, during the holiday season. I was looking forward to that Christmas because I knew I was booked for a threesome. I knew the client that booked me, and I was certain I was going to have a fantastic time. With him, it’s always like that. I met him soon after I started working as an elite model London provides for the Confidential Models agency. He was one of my first clients, and he soon became one of my regulars. This really helped me build my confidence and become better at what I do. Ok, so let me tell you more about him. He was very handsome, and he had a great-looking body. I don’t always look at the appearance of a guy, but sometimes you cannot help but notice it, and when we’re talking about someone like that, I feel attracted to that person. I was into him from the beginning. You would expect a person like that to be a bit arrogant, but he was nothing like that. He is a kind person, and he always treated me the best he could. He never took the time we spent with me, as an elite model London provides, for granted and I always appreciated it. When he was booking, we always had fun because we would always try new things.

We did that for about a year and then he told me that he met a girl and that we should stop meeting because he wants to make their relationship work. So, it came as a surprise when I was told that he wanted to book me again. At first, I thought that he broke up with his girlfriend, but I was mistaken. The booking was actually for a threesome. Of course, from that moment on my mind started imagining all sorts of things that would turn me on. I was curious to meet his girl finally. I always thought that she is beautiful and open-minded, just like him. I only knew that she was named Lucy and that she’s gorgeous. I was very excited for the time of the booking to come, and it finally did. I got ready and went shopping to choose a dress that would make me feel gorgeous. For an elite model London is a great city, especially for shopping. Anytime I’m in the mood to get something new to wear. I can go and visit my favourite designer shops.

The day of the booking came, and I was supposed to join them for a Christmas party. This guy was never too interested in what people thought about him, so being accompanied by two girls at a party wasn’t something that would concern him. I wore a red, elegant suit and under it only some black lace lingerie. Lucy was just like I expected. She had a killer body and long, dark hair. She was wearing a green velvet dress that looked great on her. She could easily work as an elite model London has to offer since she was so gorgeous. We liked each other, and we had a few drinks and started talking. It didn’t take long for us to leave the part and go to their house. When we got there, I started kissing Lucy. I am bisexual and am attracted to girls, especially if they look like her. I undressed her while he was watching us. I made my way downwards, kissing her until I reached the best place. I slid my tongue inside her and started licking her. I could see that he was turned on, but he continued watching us from a distance. Lucky and I had plenty of fun together, and I made sure she orgasmed. She then used a dildo on me, and I came too. The whole idea of the night was for him to watch us and we all enjoyed it so much. After we had felt like we’re too tired to continue, they drove me home and told me they’re looking forward to booking me. I love working as an elite model London offers.


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