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Don’t be fooled by Amanda’s name, one of our high class escorts in London. She looks like and Amanda, but she’s a devil in disguise, like some famous lyrics once said. Located in Kensington Street, this top escort is any man’s dream. She has the face of an Amanda, but she promiscuous. She’s only 21, but she knows what she’s doing. Amanda is one of our most experienced girls. How did she do that at such a young age? She loves her job and does anything with passion. That’s what makes her one of our top high class escorts in London. She moved to London when she was 18 to become a model.

Amanda looks gorgeous. She looks so young so she is perfect for your schoolgirl fantasies. Besides this, she loves to dress up and play roles for her clients.

She takes care of her slender physique at the gym. That’s probably why she has so much energy she enjoys consuming with you. Her black, long hair and brown eyes makes you think she’s a Victoria Secret’s model. The truth is she could easily pass as one. That’s how gorgeous and good looking she is.

Amanda enjoys spending time with her clients and getting to know them better. She’s smart and witty and men love that about her.
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