High class London escort Celine – A Hot Interview

Celine is a true beauty and men want to be with her all the time. This high class London escort has it all: a perfect body, and angelic face, she is well mannered and highly educated, and knows how to drive all men mad. We decided to take things to a new level and ask some really intimate questions that we hoped she without any shame. Let us see what happened.


high class London escort Celine

CM: Hello Celine, as you know this is going to be a very intimate interview so we’re going to ask some very personal and private question to you, our favorite high class London escort. Are you ok with that?


Celine: Sure, shoot away, I’m really looking forward to see what you have in mind for me!


CM: What is your most erogenous spot? What place on your body, when touched turns you on and drives you wild with desire?


Celine: Ha, well this is an easy question: my clit. I have to say that while some women say that they are really turned on when someone plays with their neck or their ears or back or legs or something like that, I have to admit that there’s nothing that makes me hornier than feeling a finger or a tongue on my little man in the boat. It’s that simple! You don’t have to do much to get this high class London escort going!


CM: Wow Celine, thank you for being so honest. Next question is going to be even dirtier. What fetishes do you have?


Celine: Ok…you were right…this is a bit…well…ok. Let’s keep up the honest answers.  I sometimes like to tie up my lovers and tease them with my body until they can’t take any longer. I like to be in control, and I can sometimes take it a bit far. However, don’t have some 50 shades of grey ideas. It’s all in good fun, nothing too extreme – unless the client wants it, of course!



CM: How do you feel about being with a girl?


Celine: I have to say that at first I wasn’t really into it, because well, I like men. But, it was this one time that I was really tipsy and just me and my roommate in our pajamas in the living room, and she came onto me. My roommate is this hot beautiful brunette, and she is also a high class London escort. A very beautiful girl and extremely sensual indeed. I do not know why, but the way she touched me, the way she pressed her lips on mine made me get juicy in all the right places at once. Or perhaps the wine helped. But we went all the way then and since I realized that women can provide a different kind of pleasure than men, a pleasure that I don’t mind getting.


CM: That is true. So, this brings us to our next question: do you like multiple partners at the same time?


Celine: I truly do believe that if you want to be a high class London escort  it’s all about paying 100% attention to your client’s needs. And this applies to multiple partners. I love to be with another girl and a man, but two men and two girls or just two men and myself is a bit too much for me, especially because it’s hard to pleasure everybody equally, and I hate knowing that I left my partners unsatisfied.


CM: How do you feel about anal sex?

Celine: This is a dirty pleasure that I have, but not something that I do all the time and with everybody.  When I’m in the bed as a high class London escort with a client that I truly like, I really don’t let them put it up my bum. You see, it’s something very dear to me and in order to get pleasure from it, I need the client to be just the right size, not too large, not too small and he needs to be extremely sensual in bed as for this sort of thing I do not really like to be rushed.


CM: Now the last question, the dirtiest one, where do you like men to finish?

Celine: For real? Well, I have to say that I don’t mind any place in particular, as long as it’s not pink eye. And if I know the guy, I don’t even mind swallowing. But, I have to say that for me, there’s nothing more arousing than looking at a man right in the eye as he releases his seeds all over my face. That is by far the most favorite thing in the world for me. Do not think that I do this with all men. Only the most beloved ones get to do this to me, as for me this is something very intimate. Basically it’s my way of telling the man that I’m his and all subdued to him, which doesn’t really happen all the time, because as I said, I prefer to be in control.


CM: Thank you for all of your answers. And we want to thank you for accepting to take this very intrusive interview.

Celine: Well, I don’t mind. I think that as a high class London escort you need to be really open minded and speak freely about sex. However, one thing that I do want to mention is that I don’t do the things I said with everybody. In fact, I have to say that in order to get really nasty I need to be extremely comfortable with the man, and that doesn’t happen on the first date or in only one hour.


Well, we would like to say that Celine was an amazing source of information for us, and we want to thank her for being so honest and open minded and answering all of the questions that we devised for her. You can book her for if you click here.