Our Hot Collection London Escorts Love Role Play

In case you didn’t know, but we have a hunch you did, our hot collection London escorts love role playing. They love dressing up in different costumes and playing a role for your and her entertainment. Many of the gentlemen that decide to book an escort from our hot collection of girls book them for that. They have fantasies and our hot collection London escorts can make them come true in a fun and pleasant way, just like they’ve always dreamt it will happen. Many of them want to receive special treatment, something different than what they receive during their everyday life. Not many women agree on indulging in unusual sexual activities. They want to get immersed in a fantasy and forget all about their daily issues. Some include wearing special costumes and playing a role and our hot collection London escorts are ready to do that for their clients. No matter what you will want, any girl of our hot collection escort category will be happy to oblige.


Catty London Model Escort

The naughty nurse


One of many favourite scenarios involves an escort wearing a nurse costume and being well taken care of, no matter if the client is the patient or the doctor. Receiving sexual favours from a sexy nurse is everything a man can wish for. Women are seen as caring and compassionate human beings who would do anything to make you feel better. Probably that’s why you see more nurses than male nurses. Also, there are many gentlemen that came across a nurse, a real one, at a particular time and maybe imagined that more happened between the two. Uniforms have a special effect on men. So, it’s easy to understand why anyone would want to spend some private time in the company of one of our hot collection London escorts dressed up in a nurse costume.

Our hot collection London escorts love to dress up as a nurse and take special care of you. They will satisfy your needs and make sure you will feel much better after a meeting with them. They will choose the skimpiest nurse dresses, ultra-short and will approach you making your heart beat faster and faster.


The teacher


You sure had a favourite female teacher at school, and we know she was beautiful. This is how the fantasy of being with a teacher begins, when you have a small or bigger crush on one of your teachers. Since you’re not a child or adolescent anymore, you can make that fantasy come true by booking one of our hot collection London escorts. They will teach you all the lessons you want and will make it extra pleasant. The escort you will choose will be in control and tease you for a while. She will wear maybe a tight skirt that stops right under her knees and a white shirt that doesn’t show too much. That’s even better because you can imagine what’s under it and, once you will get to see it you will be in awe. Our hot collection London escorts can be the best teachers you’ve ever met.


The French maid


Another costume that drives men crazy is the one of the French maids. Somehow, the image of a beautiful woman dressed is a short, black and white dress, an apron and a lace cap on her hair makes the imagination of gentlemen run wild. What makes men want to live the fantasy could be the idea that it’s forbidden for a man to be with the family maid. We all love the idea of doing something forbidden, and it’s a sure turn on. The idea of having a maid just for yourself that will do anything you please is what makes men want to book one of our hot collection London escorts. Any one of them will look gorgeous wearing a French maid costume.


The Diva Dominatrix


One of the common fantasies men want to make real when booking one of our hot collection London escorts is being dominated by a real dominatrix. There are many dominatrix escorts in the hot collection escorts London category reserved for this fantasy. You can choose the one that you know will control you and show you just how submissive you can be. After all, that’s what you want when booking a dominatrix from this hot collection escorts category.

Maybe you’ve always fantasised about having a master that will command you and tell you what to do. You may even like being humiliated. There are some women that know which button to push and how far to go, depending on what you wish to happen during your meeting. They will give you exactly what you asked for.

No matter if it would be the first time you’d try this kind of experience or you’re already familiar with the power games dominatrix escorts play, we have something special for you. You’re welcome to be submissive with our girls and let them command you. Also, don’t worry about discretion. We know this fantasy is a personal thing and that you want to keep the whole thing for yourself. Our escorts are real professionals and will keep everything private, just between you and her. So, don’t worry about that and just enjoy your time.

The hot collection London escorts category that loves role play just as much as you will be more than happy to please you and make your fantasies become real.

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