Interview With The Best Model Escorts London Has To Offer

For model escorts London is the best city to be and work in. If you’re wondering why is that, we have prepared a special interview with one of our top London escorts, Amanda. This is a great opportunity to learn more about this amazing woman and see her just like she is.

Amanda is a stunning lady, both beautiful and intelligent. Once you come across her profile, you will be mesmerised by her beautiful face and sexy body. She has a special something that drives men crazy, and she takes full advantage of it. She’s a 24 years old escort and loves what she’s doing. You will probably understand this from how passionate she is when she’s talking about her job. Enough with us talking, we’ll let you see our questions and her answers in this exclusive interview.

Interview with the best model escorts London can provide

Q: Tell us more about how and when you started working as a luxury escort.

A: It all started 4 years, ago when I was in college. I was trying to find a job that would help me sustain myself here. As you know, London is an expensive city and, as a student, it can be difficult. So, as I was searching for a job, I came across an ad, on the web. I knew right from the start that it’s about working as one of the London model escorts. I didn’t realise it at the moment, but the idea kind of intrigued me. It sounded exciting and mysterious. I’ve always been confident in myself and enjoyed sex. Plus, I am an open minded woman, and I can see beyond the stereotypes. I’ve sent an email with a few pictures of myself and told them why I would be interested in working as one of the best model escorts London has to offer, and the next thing I know I had a meeting with the Confidential Models agency. I had some doubts about it, but I felt much better after they explained me that everything is safe and that they are extra careful with how they choose the clients. Long story short, the next week I had a profile and a booking.

Q: How was your first booking?

A: It may have been beginner’s luck, but I met a handsome gentleman who took me out to dinner and we ended up at this hotel. After a few glasses of wine, I didn’t feel shy anymore, and I was able to be myself. Once we got in bed, everything unfolded perfectly natural. I didn’t feel like I had to do anything or pressured. Offering pleasure is like my second nature, and I always enjoy it. I didn’t spend all the night there because he had an early flight. After leaving the hotel, I felt powerful, and I definitely enjoyed myself. That’s when I knew that working as a model escort London is what I want to do from then on.

Q: How does one of the best models escorts London has to offer like to spend her free time?

amanda model escort london

A: One of the main advantages when working as one of the top model escorts London can offer, for the Confidential Models agency is that you have enough free time and you can organise your bookings. I usually prefer to have a day between each booking. During that day I go out and so some retail therapy and find some new outfits to wear for my next dates, I go to the movies or theatre alone or with my friends, I also like to stay at home to cook something and read. Exercise is a major part of my free time, so I try to go daily to the gym or exercise at home. It all depends on my mood, but my activities are quite varied.

Q: What’s the best part of booking London model escorts?

A: I don’t want to brag, but I and the other model escorts London provides, that work for the Confidential Models agency aren’t common girls. We all are beautiful, and we know that the aspect is an important part of our job. What’s even more important, from my point of view, is that we all are educated. This can be easily noticed when carrying a conversation with our client. The gentlemen we meet come from different environments, and they like to talk on many subjects with us. The great thing is that they can talk about almost everything with us. We’re not only preoccupied with fashion and superficial aspects. For booking model escorts London is the best city. The whole experience comes with plenty of benefits. At the end of a date, the clients will be satisfied on many levels, both erotic and physical.

Q: What makes you special compared to other London escort models?

amanda model escorts london

A: There are many model escorts London offers, and each of them is special in different ways. What makes me special, from all the best model escorts London provides, when it comes to looks, it would probably be my face, especially my eyes. I’ve been told many times that I have mesmerising eyes and men love when I look at them. Besides the physical aspect, I am a warm person, and I make men feel good in my company. Men feel more comfortable and enjoy their time with me every single time.

Q: What’s your favourite date?

A: When working as Confidential Models Agency’s model escorts London is the best city. It comes with many perks. All the clients I’ve met were are true gentlemen. Also, living in this big city brings a lot of diversity when it comes to ways of spending time. The past four years have been incredible, and I’ve lived so many special moments. I think that a date when I’m being taken to a special place and then the date ends with some hot sex is perfect. As one of the best model escorts London can offer, I had plenty of those.

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