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The Knightsbridge escorts London offers are renowned throughout the world for the excellent quality of their services. If there are escorts in certain areas of London that could be considered better than those in other parts of the city, well, it would probably be a tie between Mayfair escorts and escorts in Knightsbridge. Yes, they are so good that they can give even the fabled escorts in Mayfair a run for their money.

About Knightsbridge

If you want to learn more about Knightsbridge escorts, you need to learn more about the area that gives them their name. Knightsbridge is one of the oldest and most luxurious parts of history. It has been known by this name for almost a thousand years! It is claimed that it got its name because it was the battleground for two legendary knights of old, but this is but one of the legends that surround it.

Around the 18th century, it started becoming even more popular than before and quickly became home to London’s richest and most powerful. Today, as part of central London, Knightsbridge is one of the most popular areas of the city. It is home to London’s most famous store, Harrods, but also to Harvey Nichols. If you’re into high fashion, this is the perfect area to get items from Prada, Jimmy Choo or Manolo Blahnik. Now you understand why the area is so popular among high class escorts? The area is also home to the world’s most expensive apartment, which was sold in 2007 to a prince from Qatar, for the meagre sum of 100 million pounds. This is of course at One Hyde Park. Knightsbridge also holds numerous tourist attractions and is visited by millions of people each year.

Introducing Knightsbridge escorts

As it is home to many of London’s rich, famous and powerful, Knightsbridge residents rarely have time for traditional dating. Their businesses and hobbies are far more important. And seeing as they generally have great taste in everything, they need a special kind of escort. Ever since the area became so high class, escorts in Knightsbridge have started to become better and better. Nowadays, as we have mentioned before, they are among the absolute best in the world.

All Knightsbridge escorts, as you can see from our profile galleries, are exceedingly beautiful. We, at the agency, think that they are among the most beautiful women in the world. But seeing how beauty is only skin-deep, an escort who only has that on her side could not be very successful in such an area. This is why all the escorts Knightsbridge and our agency offer are among the most intelligent, talented and caring people in the city. They are able to handle ALL their clients’ needs.

Confidential Models knows that our clients have many needs, which can only be fulfilled by the most able Knightsbridge escorts. For this reason, we have made sure to collaborate only with extremely intelligent escorts that have received some form or another of higher education. Most of our Knightsbridge escorts are college educated, with Bachelor’s degrees, while some even have their Master’s. The ones that don’t are too young and are still in University. But even so, they are already accomplished Knightsbridge escorts.

What you can do with Knightsbridge escorts

We know that you are a person who values your time, so we’ll always have the best escort Knightsbridge offers ready for you. To set up a booking, you only need to give us a call. The process is extremely streamlined. If you’d like the best possible experience, we’re going to ask you a few questions when you call. Based on your answer, we will quickly compile a list of superb Knightsbridge escorts and present it to you. Out of that list, you can select the lady, or ladies, that you will want to meet. Once you have selected the one, you can complete the booking process, knowing that the person you selected is that who’s going to show up, knowing that she looks exactly like in her pictures and knowing that you have a lot of chemistry together and you are compatible. This means that every time you make a booking with us, you will get to meet the PERFECT escort KNIGHTSBRIDGE offers you! Every experienced is personalised and every escort is able and willing to cater to all your needs.

To find out how a booking with Knightsbridge escorts usually go, we are going to show you a short story written by our very own Celine.

“Being a Knightsbridge escort has always been a dream of mine. This is why, when I was finally able to achieve it, I did my best to improve myself and to ensure that I was good enough to make every booking perfect. One of my favourite bookings happened just a month ago, and it was one that I attended with my good friend and colleague, Taylor.

The client lived in Knightsbridge and wanted to meet a couple of escorts that could get to him as fast as possible. He picked Taylor and me and we took a cab to his place. There, we spent some time getting to know each other better, then we decided to head out for dinner. We told him that the agency could make reservations at any restaurant in the city, but he had his favourite restaurant and table ready and waiting. We enjoyed a delicious meal together and both Taylor and I realised that we were having a wonderful time in his company. We communicated this with each other using only a glance. It was then that the client told us that he booked us because he was feeling a bit lonely.

His favourite pet, an old bloodhound, had just passed away and he wanted to meet someone who could make him feel a little more comfortable. We comforted him as best we could and looked at pictures of him and his pet. It was a lovely dog and, even though we had never met it, we felt the pain his master was feeling. After enjoying some very fine wine and lightening the mood a little bit, the client asked us if we wanted to go back to his place.

Both Taylor and I accepted, and we walked back to his apartment, which was not far away. There, we could see the desire in our clients’ eyes and we knew that it was reflected in ours. The three of us made love together for hours. It was one of the most pleasurable bookings of my career. At the end of it, our client thanked us for being there for him. He told us we were able to ease his pain, at least for a little while, and that we also helped him fulfil a lifelong dream, that of being with two extremely beautiful women at the same time. He said that he had been with two women at the same time once before, but that one of them was ugly. Both Taylor and I thought that was a joke, but a funny one.”

Celine gave us an example of a very successful dinner date. You too can opt for a similar booking, if that is what you wish. You can book one or more Knightsbridge escorts at the same time, and you can take them out for dinner, drinks, dancing, watching a show, going to a football game or anything else you might want to do. If you want, you can also choose to stay inside and just get to know your escort a little better. You can do this at the hotel if you’d like, or at your place or hers. You can even go shopping with a high class escort in Knightsbridge if that is what you want.

Additionally, if you would like to get out of London for a while but don’t want to do it alone, you have the opportunity to book a travelling Knightsbridge escort. You can take her with you on vacation, at any exotic destination the world offers, or on a business trip. If you’d like to plan an amazing vacation, we recommend asking us about it. We can offer you a great guide and even help you with reservations.

There are many amazing things you can do with Knightsbridge escorts. If there are still things you need to know, contact us at your earliest convenience and we’ll help you. We’ll share with you all the information you need and we’ll make sure that the Knightsbridge escorts you meet are absolutely perfect for you. An unforgettable experience is just a phone call away! Don’t hesitate and take this wonderful chance!