London elite escort Diane tells us about her first time

Diane, a London elite escort came to us today and decided to tell us how it was for her the first time she got a client. We were thrilled by this, as we always find these stories amazing, so we sat down with her for a cup of coffee while she told us how her first official date as an escort was for her.  We do not want to keep you waiting so we are going to dive right into it.


diane-exclusive-model (1)A London elite escort and her first client


“My first time…wel….it was a truly wonderful experience to be honest. I had just moved to London. I think I wasn’t in the city more than a month, but I was lucky because one of my friends, already an accomplished London elite escort took me in and taught me the basics. You know, how to talk, how to behave, how to dress, all the things that give you that little extra something that makes you more desirable.

I remember it very well, it was a rather cold autumn’s night, when my friend came to my room really excited and told me “tonight is the night when we’ll break your cherry”. It is an approximate translation, but the meaning stays the same, it’s a double meaning if you know what I mean. And, well, it was a good double meaning because back then I was still a virgin. Ok, to be completely honest, my hymen wasn’t broken yet, but all of my other holes had already been broken in by my ex-lovers.

I know that this might sound strange for you, a London elite escort telling you that she was an actual virgin until she started this job. However, in my home country it is customary to save oneself until marriage, because we still have that idiot tradition when the groom must present the sheet with a little blood on it after the wedding night. So what most of the girls do, because no matter if you are an escort or not, as a woman you still have needs and as a young girl you still want to try things, is to learn how to use their hands, the mouth, the bum, their breasts, to get pleasure and offer pleasure to their boyfriends.

So, going back to the story, my friend told me really excited that one of her clients, this extremely rich Arabian prince or something like that, called her to tell her that he is in town and that he would like to book his favorite London elite escort for the night. He basically invited himself at her place, at our place. When she told him that she’d rather go to a hotel, he asked why, she told her about me staying in, and one thing led to another. When he found out that I wanted to become a London elite escort myself, but I was still a virgin, he told her that he will pay triple her hourly rate if he could have us both.  And you know how for a whole night clients pay less than they would pay per hour? He meant he will pay triple for each hour! That was a lot of money!

I have to say that I was really nervous about the date. I meant, I didn’t want my first time to be with a man that I didn’t know, that I might or might not like physically, but, then again, all of my thought vanished into thin air when I heard a knock on the door and my friend opened the door to reveal her Arabian prince client.

And my jaw simply dropped as he was stunning. I mean, I had seen beautiful men before, but he was simply stunning. Tall, with a nicely trimmed beard, his light brown skin and green eyes gave his delightful face a very exotic and arousing air.

That was when I knew that I wanted to be an London elite escort full time. You see, the idea of having the opportunity to meet and have fun with amazing men and get paid for it was to appealing to resist. And then again, who would not like to do this?

Anyway, back to the story, when I saw him I instantly became aroused and I could feel myself getting wet just by looking at him. From that moment on, the evening went away flawlessly and I have to admit that for the first time, it couldn’t have been a better experience. Now, if you were expecting this London elite escort to give you some hot details about the date, you are wrong. I’ll just say that after we had a couple of drinks,  he asked me and my friend to dance, then start playing with each other, and then he joined us. Ok, that’s it! No more hot details. What I wanted to say it’s that it was great, and a perfect first time experience as both a woman and a London elite escort.”

We have to say that Diane’s story is indeed a most interesting one, and that we would have loved to hear some spicy details, but, as you are well aware, all of our London elite escort models are extremely discreet women and they keep to themselves. Their client’s privacy and identity is always kept secret, and they will never reveal specific details that could give anybody a hint about the client’s identity.

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