A London High Class Escort and her Story

Kendra, perhaps one of the most beautiful London high class escort decided to share a story with us to post on the blog. We have to say that we truly do love having her tell us her stories because we believe that they are simply great, a bit arousing, but at the same time, offer a good insight into the life of an escort. She wanted to tell us about how one of her clients loved to push the limits of her comfort zone and she loved it. So, without further ado, let us take a look at what this London elite escort has to share with us.


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London high class escort stories – Kendra sees Paris


“So, there I was at home, waiting patiently for the phone to ring and tell me that I have a date. You know, sometimes I get a bit bored when there’s nothing to do asides from studying and work. And when I say work let me make something clear: I run my own online business. Being a London high class escort is more of a hobby – one that pays well, granted, but nevertheless a hobby.

When the phone rang I was just getting out of the shower, with my hair soaking wet, and all that I was wearing was a towel. The agency told me that X – a client of mine that I simply love – wanted to book me for a couple of hours. I almost squealed with joy and started to get ready. They told me that he wants me to be dressed fancy, for a dinner at this fancy restaurant and that I only had 2 hours to get ready.

Anyways, after I put a nice dress on me and some makeup, I hopped into a cab and I met the client in front of the restaurant. He was dressed really classy, and when I leaned over to give him a kiss on the cheek I smelled his neatly trimmed white beard that has this sweet scent, that made me get a little bit wet to be honest, because it made me have naughty thoughts about him. My client, X – naturally I won’t say his name – is this rich man in his late 40s, that’s always very clean and trimmed, extremely fit, and he’s the top manager of a world renowned company. We only see each other from time to time when he is in London, but I am always looking forward to it. Anyway, he took my hand and then told me that he had a surprise for his favorite “London high class escort”.

The surprise was that we flew over to Paris in his private jet. We had champagne and caviar during the flight we fooled around a bit, because, I have to be honest, he’s the type of guy that I can’t keep myself away from. He has this masculinity and power surrounding him that makes my legs weak each time he is close to me.

Once we arrived in Paris, a car was waiting for us and drove us straight to the Eifel Tower. It was already 2 AM so I was surprised to see that they let us go up. I have to say, that being  a London high class escort allowed me to travel to France and all around the world a couple of times, so that wasn’t my first rodeo. However, what happened took my breath away. The sheer influence that he had to open the tower only for us was something entirely else.

So, we were right on the last floor, you know, the one where you can see the whole Paris, and it was a nice warm summer night. And we were all alone in the middle of the tower. All of the lights of the city were surrounding us. It was peaceful, and the only thing that you could hear was the wind and the occasional cars.  When I bent over to have a better look at Champs Elysee I felt him behind me, pressing his manhood on my bum. He was hard so when he started rubbing against me, it didn’t take long for me to get in the mood. It was an amazing experience, having sex in the middle of Paris, on the Eiffel Tower, on a nice midsummer’s night, just the two of us. Gave me the impression that no other London high class escort could go any higher! It was without any doubt one of the most erotic, crazy, amazing experiences of my life!

Once we were done, we went and had dinner at this posh restaurant next to the tower, and then it was time to head home. For me, not for him. Basically, we flew back to London, where a car was waiting for me, and he continued his journey to someplace else.

You see, things like this aren’t out of the ordinary for a London high class escort, but still, starting from a poor girl in Western Europe to running my own successful online business and having fun as an escort…that’s a lot.

I think that this is one of the reasons for which there are tons of girls that choose to become a London high class escort. We have amazing opportunities, the types that you only see in movies. And it’s all real!


We want to thank Kendra for sharing this type of insight into the life o a London high class escort with us. And we are happy to see that she, alongside our  other high class escorts in London are truly enjoying the life that they live. It is true that not all escorts have clients like this, but, what is entirely true is the fact that they meet amazing people and that they love their job. This is why all of our girls are able to always come and greet you with a wide smile on their face and act like there is no care in the world! That is how a London high class escort is at all times – easygoing and happy, because, they have an amazing life!