London high class escorts – What makes them go wild?

Today, we had a couple of girls at the agency and we decided to take the time and ask them a couple of questions. All of them are London high class escorts that are well known to drive men mad with desire, but, we wanted to know what gets them going as well. Because, as you know, these ladies are available to escort you to any type of event, but what happens after, it’s none of our business. We wanted however to make sure that you get that little extra reserved for the best clients, an intimate encounter with the girls. Knowing how some of them respond to different environments and stimuli will help you fulfill your dreams a lot faster and easier.  So, who do we have in this amazingly hot interview? We have the beautiful Yvonne, Caroline, Astrid and Nicole ready to tell us what makes them go wild.


London high class escorts AstridConfidential Models: So girls, what makes you go wild?


Astrid: Go wild, as in get nasty? Get Horny? Make me want to be with a man? Well, that is quite simple for me. I always loved men that strong, but not in the physical sense of the word, in their behavior, the way they dress, the way they talk. For me, seeing a man in a suit, that breathes power, is the thing that makes my interest peak and my crotch to start feeling the need.


Yvonne: While what Astrid says it’s truly appealing, and that type of men also makes me feel horny, what really makes me go wild are men with beards. Facial hair is something that I find extremely erotic and extremely manly, and if one of my clients spots a beard, I’m all the way in. However, even a nicely trimmed goatee or moustache does the trick for me in most occasions. This is not to say that I don’t find other types of men appealing, but it depends from person to person. The thing is that men with facial hair are the ones that have more chances of getting intimate with me, one of the best London high class escorts.  NB: she said that while bursting into laughter.


Astrid: Yeah, we London high class escorts are really like that!


Nicole: Yes, we London high class escorts have each our little quirk that makes us want to go. Then again, we are women first of all, and then escorts. For me, the thing that makes me go wild is a little bit of alcohol and some soft music. If me and my date are having a glass of champagne and listen to some Sade or something similar, I immediately get into the mood.  You could say that because of that I’m a cheap date, but then again, I adore making love, and I’m almost insatiable when it comes to it. I guess this is why this job is also something fits me like a glove.


Caroline: (laughing) Unlike Nicole, I’m not one of those London high class escorts that goes down easily after a drink. In fact I am unable to drink more than one glass of anything alcoholic before I start feeling ill. So, that was never the case for me. This is why I prefer non-alcoholic cocktails. But, going back to the question, the thing that really makes me lose myself and become a slave of pleasure is…a nice spanking. I know that this is insane and some people might think that I’m a masochist, but, if a man slaps my bum I’m immediately getting in the mood.



Confidential Models: So, I guess what everybody wants to know, is how often you sleep with your dates?


Astrid: I don’t want to speak in the name of all London high class escorts but personally, I sleep with almost all of my dates. The only thing that I need to mention is that I really love to get to know the person a bit better before hopping into bed. There are some exceptions, but, unless I have a connection with the man the first second, I usually like either after I get to know them better, so in a couple of hours, either at the second date, depending on how well we understand each other.



Yvonne:  Me, I pretty much sleep with all of my dates that have beards, from the first moment. I can’t help myself. There we go, that is my kryptonite. However, as Astrid said, I don’t speak for all London high class escorts, only for me. But, pretty much, I guess you could call me a little slut for men with beards. Don’t matter if they’re young or old, skinny or fat, beards make me go wild!



Nicole: Call me crazy, but usually after a couple of hours in a date, if the man is interesting for me and makes me laugh at least once, if he wants to, I will have sex. I love having sex, so I see why I shouldn’t do it if I want to. It’s that simple. But let’s make one thing clear, I don’t want people to get the wrong impression about London’s high class escorts like me and the girls. I sleep with the man not because he paid for a date with me, but rather because I want to. If I don’t want to, nothing will happen, no matter how much time he spends with me.

Caroline: If you can call my esteem high class escort crazy, call me a straight up little whore because well, as I said, a slap on the bum gets me in the mood no matter what, so…the men that are lucky enough to let themselves do that to me, get lucky. And just now I realized that I will have sex with a lot more men – or at least the ones that read this article.


Confidential Models: Well thank you girls for all of your answers and we have to say that it’s been a pleasure to have a little time with you and listen to your answers.


And you, our dear readers, we hope that you are going to read this very intimate article and take advantage of what the girls told us. After all, who wouldn’t want to have sex with them? So book them now. And if you truly want to get lucky with all four of them and book them at once remember what you have to do: you need to have a beard, be manly, get a drink and spank them!