London Luxury Escort Stories – Micaela’s Adventures

When you’re looking for the perfect London luxury escort, personal taste will weigh heavily on your decision. You will want to meet a girl with which you are compatible, but you’re also going to want to meet a girl who you think is beautiful. Some people like slimmer girls, some like brunettes, some have thing for blondes or redheads, while others just like a woman with gigantic boobs. The girl whose story we’ll be reading today is perfect for every man or woman out there who likes curves.


micaela-5Her name is Micaela and she’s one of the best luxury escorts London has ever seen. Classy and stylish, she easily fits in in any environment. As you can see from her profile, our luxury London escort is extremely gifted in the rear end department. To put it bluntly, she has the kind of buns for which a certain rap star’s anaconda would jump through hoops. Below, Micaela will entice you with one of her lovely stories. Be advised, as things might get a little spicy.


Being a London luxury escort – Micaela


I have always enjoyed being a London luxury escort. I know it might be expected of me to say it, but I really mean it. For me, satisfaction has always been a little bit about quantity. If I really wanted something, I wanted a lot of it. And this applies to sex as well. It’s one of my favourite things in the world and, ever since I started having it, I wanted to have a lot of it. As a London luxury escort, I get to meet plenty of potential partners. I get to meet men (and women) who have chosen to pay me for my time because they saw something they liked. What it was I can’t know until I get to know them a little better, but there was obviously something. Therefore, if I find something I like about them, and just about everyone has an exciting quality, there’s no reason why our time together couldn’t end in passion.

For example, a few months ago I was booked to accompany a first time client to an office party. He booked me for 6 hours, just to make sure that we’d have plenty of time to enjoy the party and for him to have time to introduce me to everyone as his girlfriend. He wanted to make a nice impression and, out of all the models on Confidential, he liked me the most. You don’t have to be an experienced London luxury escort to figure out that the man really likes you.

And when I met him, I realised we had quite a lot of chemistry. He was middle-aged, elegant and had the kind of soft belly that women love resting their heads against. He was really funny and, from the way he planned everything out, I could see that he was a man who liked to take charge. In conclusion: an assertive man with a sense of humour and a soft belly that you can rub. I was already feeling lucky.

We got along so well that we didn’t even spend one hour at the party. He introduced me to some of his friends and to his direct superior, then we had a couple of drinks and had an extremely amusing conversation. When Nat King Cole’s Unforgettable came on, we danced. As we were dancing, he grabbed my ass and told me how much he’d like to bend me over the table and explore my gorgeous ass, then and there. We danced very close together and I could feel him getting hard, just as I was getting wet. When he asked me to ditch the party and go straight to his hotel room, I told him that I thought he’d never ask and I was relieved.

We took a cab, told the driver to hurry and kissed passionately all along the ride. When we got to the room, he pushed me against the wall, started kissing my neck, then went lower to my breasts, then lower and lower as he dropped my panties and started kissing and licking me. After I finished, I got on my knees and returned the favour. I went in all nice and deep, and I saw that it drove him crazy. We did it many times over the next few hours, and we both finished multiple times. It was the kind of passionate night for which I became a London luxury escort!


Thank you for your incredibly hot story, Micaela. We can see how you drive your clients crazy with passion and we’re looking forward to hearing from you again.

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