The never before told secrets of hot collection escorts

From time to time, you have perhaps come across an article or two with information about hot collection escorts that isn’t accurate or complete. You could have even been one of the clients of an elite hot collection escort and felt that they were truly misunderstood. So we set on a path to clear some of the most common myths surrounding our industry, myths which all of our clients at Confidential Models know to be false. Therefore, regardless if you are new to this world of delights or a long-time connoisseur, we believe you will find a pleasant read in the following career story, made by one of our very own hot collection escorts, who was kind enough to share with us some of the well-kept secrets in the business. Enjoy the read!


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All hot collection escorts are forced into this!



This couldn’t be more far from the truth! There are indeed women who cannot make choices for themselves, but they operate in a completely different setting, finding clients on the side of the road and offering them sex, with little room for anything else. I am one of the more seasoned hot collection escorts, with many years in the trade under my belt, and I can truly confirm that there is nothing more relaxing and pleasing than waking up in the morning (or at lunch time) without anything to do that day than to shop for a sassy dress to wear in the evening and allow yourself to be pampered at London’s best salons so that your ivory skin is softer than ever that night.



An elite companion like me must never look dishevelled and hot collection escorts are never found hunting for clients (in fact most of my clients are faithful returning gentlemen) and I will never go on a date without putting hours of preparation before. I love to exercise my body and my soul, to take care of myself so that I stay firm and fit, but also to take care of my spirit and intellect so that I can handle even the trickiest conversations in upscale locations. I often read the Financial Times during my croissant breakfast and listen to BBC while I swap through catalogues of sultry lingerie to order. I know, it’s an unusual combination, but as hot collection escorts we have to be flexible and complete. How can this lifestyle be forced on us? That’s a joke!



Men are using and degrading hot collection escorts


Now, here’s another piece of nonsense that should no longer be perpetuated in the future. The gentlemen that I spend time with have never been devaluating me, they are not using me or my body and there is nothing degrading about the life of hot collection escorts. People just like to gossip. Or, perhaps, they still have that aged mentality that women shouldn’t be permitted to say plain out loud that they too have desires of the sensual matter. The bottom line is that I for one have always felt an attraction for exploration and this is why I see my clients as a possibility to explore the senses, to test out different flirting and arousal methods, to continuously perfect my attractiveness, because that’s what matters the most at the end of the day: to have that wow-factor. Nothing is degrading, if you yourself wanted to try it out and just didn’t have the time or person to act it out with.


I have to admit that I am fortunate in this matter, in the sense that not all hot collection escorts are as open as I am when it comes to more exotic dates, like those including swinging, bondage and role-playing or same-sex intercourse. I might be fortunate to extremely enjoy these encounters, but all of us ladies working as hot collection escorts like to experiment with adult fun. Nothing that our clients request of us seems degrading to us. Mind that we do have select clients and trying to please them as best as we can is strongly embedded in our mind-set.



Hot collection London escorts offer sex all the time!



This one differs from model to model and stating with such certainty that intercourse is always and mandatory involved is simply false. In fact, most of my appointments don’t even include sex at first! The truth of the matter is that the gents I spend my evening with will most likely require a warm up meeting to get to know me or need my presence at a function in their life, be that what it may : a corporate dinner, company escape, family reunion and so on. Some men are simply so powerful and influential in their particular careers that they simply do not have time to spare for regular dating and therefore call on the services of our elite agency when in need of a classy companion. Who doesn’t need someone to support him or stand by his side? And the company is such a pleasant and stimulating one, that man is guaranteed to become the envy of his peers.


So, as you can see, not all hot collection escorts London has to offer are down with giving steamy, mind blowing sex 5 minutes after we meet our client. Like I said, the only certainty is that there is no certainty. And that’s where most of us get the thrill, being always ready and on-grade to surprise and keep up with any man that we shall meet. Don’t even let me get started on the young ones! It shouldn’t be a surprise that not all men looking for our companionship are old and wrinkled. That’s absurd and it has nothing to do with being part of the so-called hot collection category. In fact, the young ones are even more willing to experiment than seasoned men with many years of experience in courting ladies. They see it as a boot camp for sexual positions, a training course into the art of pleasing women. And these are the men that never leave unsatisfied, so for them hours and hours of adult play are a must, but their case can hardly represent the average. Our dates are as diverse as the human nature is!