The story of the best elite model London has to offer

Helena is a great elite model London simply loves. Well, not the whole of London but rather all of the clients that booked her told us how great she is and how they are going to book her again. And most of them booked her at least two times. We need to say that we know that Helena was a stunner when we hired her, and we loved her from the moment we set our eyes one her.


Helena elite model LondonSo, today we are going to have an intimate chat with Helena, the elite model London offers to its inhabitants and visitors. On a side note, we recommend that you book her in advance because she is always in high demand. Without further ado, here is her story.


Stories from the best elite model escort London offers


“You want to know more about me and how I ended up being one of the highest paid elite model London has to offer? Well, I think that I should start from the beginning, but please be warned that I will leave out some details as some things I want to keep private. This is the reason why you don’t see my face in the photos – my family doesn’t know about my endeavors as an escort. But, here it is…

I was born in Eastern Europe a short while after the Berlin wall fell. It was a hard time for my family, since we had lost all of our fortune due to the ex-political system. My mother was working as a teacher while my father started working at this garage as a mechanic. A passion of his turned into his full time job after he lost his position working in the bank. So, what I am trying to say is that this elite model London loves so much had humble beginnings.

Because my mother was a teacher I was somewhat forced to be a very good student and well, this helped me get a scholarship to the UK after I graduated from high school. However, meanwhile, as I was in high school I worked as a model because I was always beautiful and since I was in the 8th grade I had this lady coming to our doorstep and asking my family to let me work for their model agency. In the 9th grade I decided that I was old enough to make decision on my own, so that was the first step on becoming one of the best paid elite model London has to offer.

Being on the catwalk as a young girl brought the attention of many men, men that wanted to be with me even for a little while, so, I learned that this can be a good thing. It was always nice to go out to dinner and get a little present, and then get another present when you would go to their room, and you know how it goes. The thing is that I learned soon how I can offer pleasure to men, in more ways that one. At one point, even the mayor of our city asked me out for a date. And that was extremely pleasant in terms of pampering and feeling like a woman.

When I earned my scholarship and arrived in the UK I can say that I was already an escort, but without calling myself one. Of course, it took a little bit of time for me to realize that I was one, and that was due to the fact that I had more access to information and the people here are more open minded. That was the first step in becoming an top elite model London has to offer.  

The thing that persuaded me to become an elite model escort was the fact that I landed on this website – one of the competitors of Confidential Models that really caught my eye. Realizing that I could actually earn money to do the things that I did for small presents became highly appealing.  So, I signed up with that agency and I worked for a little while with them. However, I wasn’t pleased working with them, and I soon realized that working there was not the way I would become a top elite model London folks keep on booking on a constant basis.

Anyway, one thing led to another and then I found Confidential Models, and only the interview was a gruesome task. I mean, don’t get me wrong, but I felt like I’m doing a job interview not an interview for an escort job. But, I guess this is why I get top clients and top money and this agency is so successful.  The idea is that since I started working for this agency I truly can say that I became a highly successful elite model London folks love to book time and time again. “

We have to thank Helena for her honest and straight story. While we smiled and also got a little shocked when she called our interviewing process gruesome, we need to reassure you, our reader, no matter if you are looking to book one of our elite model London escorts or trying to become a Confidential Models girl, that the interview is highly complex, a 4 step process, but this is because we do not only assess the beauty but also the general culture, intelligence, society skills and interpersonal skills. This is what allows us to truly offer top services to our clients and be one of the best escort agencies in London, which is one of the most competitive markets in the world.