A Day On The Job With Photo Models Escorts

Many of those that didn’t come in contact with photo models escorts think that their world is a fascinating one and they’re not wrong at all. The life of top model escorts is a taboo for many and, as always, taboos have kept our curiosity alive. There is something that draws everyone and makes them want to know more about what happens behind the closed doors of the photo models escorts. We all want to know what’s going on with their clients and how does a date unfold. So, for your entertainment and to feed your curiosity, we have some of our best photo models escorts telling us some stories from a day on the job. We can assure you will like them and want to find out more.


model London escorts IreneOur photo models escorts tell you more about how their days look like


If you’re curious about how a date with a client looks like for some of our London photo model escorts, read below and we guarantee you that you will find some of the information and satisfaction you were looking for.


A visit to a client’s apartment


I am going to tell you about that time when one of my clients gave me one of the best orgasms I ever had since working as one of the photo models escorts. This was one of my first bookings, so I hadn’t worked as an escort for a long time and didn’t know what to expect. With every booking I had, I was feeling a mix of excitement and anticipation. For this booking, I was supposed to go to a client’s place. This guy was a young student that was coming from a wealthy family. I went there, knocked on the door, and he opened. He was really young and shy. That’s what my first impression was. I thought that he is just as nervous as I am and that helped me relax a bit. One of us had to make the first step, and I decided that I should be the one. After we introduced ourselves and talked for a while, we moved on the couch and had some wine. I could feel the sexual tension in the air as I was aware that both of us really liked each other. So, I made my first move and kissed him gently because I didn’t want to scare him off. We took our time while I explored his body, kissing it. He started doing the same with me as he was undressing me. While we were making our way to the bedroom our kisses got more passionate and we were both eager to go down to business. He had a wonderfully curved manhood and once he penetrated me I could feel it hitting my g-spot, each time he thrust into me. Even though he seemed shy in the beginning, once he got more comfortable he didn’t seem to be shy at all. On the contrary, he seemed to know exactly what he was doing, and I can honestly say that those two hours we spent together were magic. I had two orgasms, one after the other and he came soon after that too. That was when I realised that being one of the photo model escorts can be amazing. You get paid for your time and you have the opportunity of offering and receiving pleasure when working as one of the photo models escorts.


The day I thought about becoming an escort


I wasn’t one of the photo models escorts when I had my first experience as one. One of my friends worked as an escort, and one of her clients asked her to bring another girl the next time they will meet. She didn’t really trust the other photo models escorts she knew, so she asked me if I would consider having some fun with her and a gentleman. I liked the way this sounded, so I immediately said yes. The day came, and I was supposed to meet her and the client at a 5-star hotel, in London. I felt like I was doing something forbidden. When I got at the hotel, they were waiting for me at the bar, and I remember being surprised seeing how young the client was. He too was pleased with what he was seeing. We had a drink, talked for about an hour and I realised that I had a wonderful time in their company. When he asked if we could retire to his room, I said yes. In the elevator, he kissed us both, and I and my friend kissed in front of him. He was visibly turned on by that. He wanted to see us undressing each other which we did. I kissed her breasts as he was masturbating. My friend pleased me with her mouth in the most intense way possible, while he was making love to her from behind. I and he came, so it was time to return the favour to my friend. It was the first time doing it, but I enjoyed every minute until she orgasmed too. After that experience, I decided to become one of the photo models escorts myself, so I joined an agency, and enjoyed doing this job ever since.

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