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Home to some of London's most incredible elite escorts, Confidential Models is an escort agency dedicated to providing you with the very best model escorts London has to offer.

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Spending an evening in the company of one of our super model escorts can be a dream come true in itself. However, we can assure you that it would only be the beginning of something extremely beautiful, something that is going to bring you great pleasure and provide you with the satisfaction you’ve been yearning.

The Confidential Models Agency now offers you the opportunity to become better acquainted with some of the most beautiful glamour model escorts London has to offer. If you’ve ever seen a VS show, you already know the type of wonderful young lady you could meet. If you want to get a clearer picture of how the superb model escorts London offers look like, take a look at our profile galleries. These ladies are the best in the business and any of them can help you have the time of your life.

What you can do with elite model escorts

The model escorts at our agency are open to a wide variety of bookings. If you’re just looking for a fun hour in the company of an extremely beautiful escort model, you could do so today! You can meet your social escort model at her place in central London, at your place or at a hotel of your choosing. If you would like to see her at a hotel but you can’t find the time to book a room, we can do that for you! The Confidential Models Escort Agency can help you find the perfect hotel room for you and your London models escorts. You can spend as little as an hour there or you could even spend the entire night together. It’s all up to you.

The glamour model escorts London offers are available for a wide range of events. You can book one of them to accompany you at a gala, an office party, a movie or theatre premier, a concert or even a private party with your friends and family. Additionally, if you would like to have your very own little party where the only guests are you and as many London escort models as you’d like. You can attend every type of event imaginable! Furthermore, our top model escorts offer the complete girlfriend experience. For all intents and purposes, the world will know that the extremely beautiful lady that accompanies you is your girlfriend. This is a feature that’s great if you want to make an amazing impression at an event or even if you just want to impress your friends and family. You’ll need to decide on a few answers to the commonly asked questions in these high situations but, by the end of your booking, everybody will be impressed with the date you decided to bring. She’ll make you feel incredible throughout your time together, while also ensuring that your loved ones don’t pester you about your love life anymore.


More about the company

Travelling with model escorts

A very important mention is that most of our model London escorts are now available for worldwide travel. You can check if a certain models escort London offers is available for travelling by looking at her profile in our galleries. If she’s available, it means you can book the London escort model to accompany you to any destination on Earth, with some exceptions of course. None of our model escorts can be booked for events in war zones or areas known for their high risk. On the other hand, why would you want to take one of the most beautiful women in the world there, when you can spend time with her on an exotic island paradise?

If you’re planning on having a wonderful vacation, a London model escort or two by your side will definitely do the trick. Imagine spending a week or two on a tropical island next to a couple of super models. You’ll do all the things you’ll want to do, you’ll visit only what you’ll want to visit and you’ll never have to worry about a single thing. The escort, or escorts, you choose will be there to enjoy the holiday, but also to ensure that all your needs are met. Add the complete girlfriend experience to the mix and you’ll get a trip you are never going to forget.

Trips with escorts are available also if you need to go on a business trip. These are usually dreary and boring occasions. All you do is work and spend your evenings alone at the hotel, especially if you don’t know the language of your destination. Many of our model escorts are used to travelling, as they had runway shows all over the world and speak at least a second language. A few of our models speak English, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish! One of them could bridge the language barrier at your destination and ensure that you are never alone or bored. Once you finish your work, you can spend all your free time in the company of a fitness model escort London based or not, or a busty model escort, depends on what your preferences are.

For those of you who can’t come to London but would like to meet one of our premier models escorts, you can book one to travel to wherever you live. All booking types that are available in London with our premier model escorts will be available to you in a city of your choice. We know how busy you are and we know that you can’t travel all the time, no matter how beautiful and gifted our models may be. This is why we would like to make sure that you can always enjoy the complete escorting experience, no matter where you live! Below, you will find a short story written by one of our very ownbusty model escorts, Kendra. She tells us about the romantic trip she spent with a client another of our models.

“I’ve never had more fun with my job than when I had to travel. It’s just so amazing to spend up to a week or two on a tropical island. It’s just you and your client. All your worries and concerns can be pushed to the back of your head and you can only enjoy the wonderful setting and company. This is what happened just a couple of weeks ago and I’m still recovering after all the pleasure I’ve felt.

I guess the whole thing began a couple of months ago, when one of my regular clients booked me and my colleague, Akira, for a dinner date. We’ve seen each other quite often over the last year or so, and he really knows how to have a great time. This time, when we met, he told us that he had rented out an entire Greek island and he wanted to spend a week there with two model escorts. He said that he wanted to be there with his favourite busty model escort, myself, and a fitness model escort, which is why he also booked Akira. That was the first time the two of them met, but it warmed my heart to see how well they got along together. I really love it when I get to share a booking with one of my colleagues. There are so many more fun and exciting things to do when there are three!

All of us got along really well together and decided that we’d be the perfect trio for the trip he had in mind. We spent the rest of the evening getting to know each other better and talking about the wonderful things we could do on the island. And because he told us about it in advance, the two of us were able to clear our schedules and ensure that all our papers were in order.

The three of us kept in touch for the following month and Akira and our client got even friendlier with each other. It was wonderful to see that they liked each other as much as he and I liked each other and I could tell that this was going to be a wonderful trip. Once the month passed, we met at the airport and embarked on our flight to Greece. We told funny stories throughout the flight and we were just like a simple man and his two super model girlfriends. After arriving to Greece, we took a private yacht to the island.

The trip was a bit tiring, but both Akira and I were energised when we saw the villa where we’d stay. It was beautiful in every way. The next week was spent in absolute bliss and pleasure. We had plenty of bedrooms available, but the three of us slept together, and not only, every night. We swam in the pool and in the sea, we sunbathed, we made barbeques and we had an incredible amount of fun together. Akira and I were always attentive to the needs of our client and he was careful about ours as well. This was a booking that neither of us are going to forget in a hurry.”

 Types of models who escort

Our agency can help you book a wide variety of model escorts. With us, you can meet the best fitness model escort London offers. Furthermore, you can spend some time with the most exciting glamour model escorts London has ever seen. You could see a different type of London models escort during every day of the week! The best escort models London offers can provide you with the company you need today, you only need to make one phone call!

Everything about our London photo models

London photo models represent a unique category of high class escorts. They are extremely beautiful ladies who also have careers as photo models. Some of them are still active, while others have retired to pursue a full time escorting career. All of the photo girls escorts that work with our company are wonderful companions and are available for an extremely wide range of bookings.

Any successful London photo model is a very hard-working lady with a gorgeous body and a brilliant mind. They pursued a career in not one, but two fields that place great value on physical appearance, and they are indeed among the most beautiful women in this entire city, maybe even the country. They are extremely fun and very exclusive, but with the help of the Confidential Models Escort Agency, you could meet one today!

Meeting London photo models

If you choose to book with the Confidential Models Escort Agency, meeting the best London photo model escorts is extremely easy. Just check out our profile galleries and pick the girls you like the most. Don’t just look at their profile pictures, but at their stats, reviews and stories as well. These will tell you everything you need to know about the London photomodel you are going to meet. Next, you need to contact us. You can do this through our contact form, but also through the phone. If you give us a call, let us know about the girl or girls you’d like to meet, your most desirable timeframe and what you would like to do during your booking. If the London photo models escorts of your choice are available, you can set up the booking.

There are lots of great reasons why you too should try to meet londonphotomodels today. Apart from their beauty, they are also extremely intelligent, hardworking and caring girls. Even though not all of the world’s photo model escorts have the required amount of education, all the girls that work with our agency do. Some of them might still be in college or university, but most of them have already graduated and are free to always provide you with the best escorting services in town. With our London photo models, you will never get bored. Fun and intelligent, they’ll keep you interested for as long as you will be together and they’ll always ensure that your needs are satisfied.

If you’re feeling a bit lonely, there is no better option than one of our London photomodels. The girl you pick will love listening to what you have to say, she’ll always be very interested in finding out more about you and she’ll genuinely care about the topics you approach. She can be the person you’ve been waiting for all this time. She can be the beautiful lady that you can tell everything. She can be the one that shares your passions and would be happy to watch or listen to anything during a booking, as long as it is with you. And the best thing about her is that there are never any strings attached. You’ll never be forced to do anything you don’t want, just to keep a fight from starting. If you’ll want to stop seeing her, you can do so at any time. If you’ll want to see her and many other escorts and ladies at the same time, that’s your decision to make and she won’t mind. You can even take her out on dates and vacations with one or more of her colleagues.

Travelling with London photo models

All our London photo models, without exception, absolutely adore travelling. Even though many of them love London, they enjoy spending time away from it and seeing the world. This makes them ideal companions for your vacation or your business trip. Can you imagine someone better with which to share your time in a tropical paradise than a superb, slim photo model escort whose main purpose will be to ensure that you are happy at all times?

To go on a vacation with one of our London photo models, you will need to make a booking in advance. If you plan on spending more than a couple of days together, you will need to give her the chance to sort out her affairs and to make sure that her papers are in order. Furthermore, we recommend taking a preliminary booking, simply to make sure that she is the perfect escort for you and your needs. If there are any compatibility issues, this will enable you to change the escort who will accompany you on your travels. This way, you will make sure that your experience will be truly unforgettable.

However, if you choose to take advantage of our match-making services, you’ll never have to worry about any compatibility issues. These will only take a few minutes of your time and will be performed during the booking process. If you don’t have a certain escort in mind, or you’d just like to ensure that you would be compatible with your favourite prior to meeting her, all you have to do is answer a few simple questions. These will be questions about yourself, your preferences, your fantasies and what you would like to happen during the booking. Based on your answers, we will reduce our extensive number of London photo models to a shortlist of the girls with which you share the most compatibility. For the absolute best results, we recommend choosing a girl from that shortlist. However, even if your chosen escort doesn’t have the maximum compatibility with you, you should still give her a shot, as you could have a lot of chemistry together. Furthermore, all our models are very serious about their work and are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that their clients are fully satisfied.

To return to travelling with our London photo models, this feature is available whether you would like to go on a vacation or you need to go on a business trip. For any of these situations, one of our models can be an excellent companion. She’s always going to be beautiful, intelligent, open minded and willing to try new things. Discovering your exotic destination or the foreign location of your business trip with her by your side is going to be an absolute treat!

Additionally, you don’t have to live in London to meet one of our super model escorts. In fact, you could live in any part of the world and, with the necessary arrangements in place, she can travel to where you are, just to get to meet you and spend some time with you. Just note that further you live from London, the longer you’ll have to book the photo models escorts. But once you get to know her better, we guarantee that you won’t want your time together to end.

Fun in London

All of our London photo models are, of course, available for a wide range of fun activities in the city. All of them live in ultra-central and beautiful flats in areas like Mayfair and Knightsbridge. So, if you would like to pay one of them a visit and get to know her a little better at her place, she is going to welcome you in complete and utter luxury. Alternatively, she could come to your place or you could meet each other at any hotel. As a side note, the Confidential Models Escort Agency can help you book a room at any hotel in the city, should you need it.

If you would like to spend a fun evening out with our London photo models, the possibilities are nearly endless. You can go out on a dinner date, you could catch a concert together, a movie, a play or any other type of show. You can even go watch some stand up or a football game together. With our match-making services, you will definitely enjoy doing the same things.

Furthermore, all of our London photo models would make superb companions at any event that you would need to attend. If you have a gala or any sort of party to attend and you want to be accompanied by the most beautiful girl in the room, pick someone from our agency. Any photo model escort you pick is going to be beautiful and attract just as much attention as you would like. You can introduce her as your girlfriend and benefit from the best and most complete girlfriend experience in the city.

There are so many wonderful things to do with our London photo models that it would be a pity not to share them with you in person. Give us a call and ask us about them or let us know what plans you have in mind with one or more of our delightful escorts!

How to book with our agency

Because we know you are a person who values your time, we have made it extremely easy to book London model escorts with our agency. To start seeing the best busty models escorts, fitness model escorts, glamour models escorts and all other types of escorts, start browsing our profile galleries now. There, you will see that the Confidential Models Escort Agency works with some of the most beautiful ladies in the business. To book one or more of them, you only need to call us once. Tell us about the type of booking you’d like to make, what you’d like to happen during it, if there are any special events you might want to attend and other details that will be made known to you by our receptionist. If you choose to take advantage of our match-making services, we can ensure that you’ll only go out with model escorts with which you are very compatible.

Answer our questions and we’ll give you a shortlist of the absolute best models for you. If you don’t want to use our complementary match-making services, just inform us about the escorts you would like to meet. We’ll make sure that you are both available at the same time and we’ll ensure that your booking is going to be unforgettable. And that’s all there is to it. With one simple phone call, our agency can help you meet the most beautiful model escorts in London. And with our match-making services, we can ensure that you are compatible as well! Note that compatibility is extremely important, as all our models get paid for their time only. Whatever happens between you will be up to compatibility, chemistry and how well you get along together. But we can ensure you that, no matter which route you choose, you’ll always have an incredible time with our agency!

The Confidential Models Escort Agency is available to answer your questions at all hours. By giving us a call or filling out the contact form, you can set up a booking, find out more about our agency, about our model escorts and about the additional services we provide. Thank you for choosing Confidential Models!

You deserve to experience only the finest things in life and that’s what our high class escort agency London is offering. Our elite model escorts are here to fulfill your every dream and they’re only one call away. It has never been this easy to find the supermodel escort of your dreams and have her do anything you want.
We’re not an average London escort agency. We strive to offer the best services to our clients. That starts from the easy way you can book a girl, our availability, the quality of the services you receive and all the locations we provide. No matter where and when, you can get the high class escort you want.
As a high class escort agency London we offer diversity. We have plenty of elite model escorts for you to choose from. No matter the type of girls you’re into, be sure you will find it here. You can choose from our gallery anyone you want to spend some quality time with. You can choose to enjoy a few hours with a high end escort or the entire day or night. We even have travel models escort that can accompany you to your destination. They love to please our clients so you’re in for an unforgettable time. Your wish is their command.

We offer fairly priced in-call and out-call services. We have affordable rates so that you can enjoy it even more.

The Confidential Models high class escort agency London is here to make your dreams come true. Whenever you feel the need of female companionship, just give us a call. You can choose the girl you want or we can suggest you the London escort model we know you would love. Either way, we will make sure that your time will be extraordinary.

Why Do People Use Escort Services?

If you go past bias and prejudice, using the services of a high class London escorts agency is a normal thing to do. If you don’t agree with us, we’ll tell you why we see things this way. First of all, having intercourse is a normal activity every person should experience from time to time. It’s every person’s choice who they want to do it with. If you consider that a high class escort will satisfy your demands, you are free to use the services of a high class London escorts agency. Our elite model escorts chose this job by themselves. They are independent, educated and beautiful women that love what they are doing. Working as a London model escort does bring plenty of benefits to a call girl in London. Besides the material ones, the escorts have a carefree life. They can organize their schedule as they please and they love the company of their clients.

Some men cannot find women that are open enough to satisfy all their requirements and needs. An escort model will do anything to please you. No matter if you have some specific sexual fantasies, strange fetishes or you just want some company, our high end models are here to satisfy you. Some men are single, while some married. It’s a very common thing for people to feel dissatisfied with their sexual life. Or there are times when they don’t feel understood. These are the situations when contacting an elite escort agency really is a solution to all these problems. In the end, it’s like doing therapy. Only that with our high class London escorts you also get to get a lot of pleasure out of it. It’s a great way to relieve tension, stress and enjoy some great moments with gorgeous London escort models.

Why Should You Choose Us?

As we mentioned before, it’s perfectly normal to use the services of a luxury escort London agency. Our main focus is our client. We will do our best to offer you an unforgettable experience with our high class escorts in London.

We have enough experience in this field. During all the time we’ve worked with high class London escorts we’ve had plenty of things to learn. Nowadays, we use this experience in order to improve yours. We’ve selected the best elite model escorts. Just like the Confidential Models agency, they are experienced and client centered. They are all professionals and know how to treat a gentleman. Moreover, all of our exclusive models escort have the legal age and are treated with respect. Health is another essential issue for us. That is why, we make sure that all of our girls are in good health. All this so our clients and enjoy a smooth, unforgettable experience.

Both our services and premier model escorts are varied. Our elite escorts can accompany you to events and can travel anywhere in the world. They are a great company and will make you feel special anywhere. Depending on your requirements, we have the supermodel escort for you. Rest assured your demands will be met by our luxury escort London agency.

We are discrete with the information we receive. All of our staff members have to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Also, anything you talk with the high end escort of your choice will stay between you and her.

There are many other luxury escort London agencies out there. The London market is big enough for all of them. Even so, only a few can offer high-quality services and fair prices. Our high class London escorts and services were made to cater to successful gentlemen like you.

A Range of Services Offered

Our amazing elite model escorts offer a wide array of services. When hiring our premier model escorts, we make sure they cover all the requirements. As we already mentioned that they are various types. They have different bodies, are different ethnicities and difference ages. What these high class escorts in London have in common is the fact that they are all gorgeous and passionate about what they do. You may prefer blonds, brunettes or redheads. Also, they have different styles. There is a lovely escort model for any requirement. Once you get to know them you can decide who do you prefer. Truth is, they are all amazing, sensual women that will satisfy your needs while enjoying it.

If you like role-playing, our elite model escorts will gladly do that for you. The schoolgirl fantasy, maid or patient-doctor, you can try it all with our exclusive models escorts. There is nothing more they would like to other than play the role you want to. If you have various fetishes, this is the place to come to. Confidential Models has the right models escort for you. If you’re into BDSM and would like a Dominatrix girl, you will find the perfect one here.

Our high class escort service can also help you with the girlfriend experience. We can provide a beautiful, sophisticated girl that will offer you her enjoyable companionship. You can go out to a dinner date or she can accompany you to an event. An elite escort will know just what to do when she’s with our clients. Our elite model escorts have a flawless social etiquette. They are intelligent and great conversation partners. And they love to carry an interesting dialogue or just listen to their clients. You just have to ask and we will cater to you.

What You Will Find at Confidential Models Agency

The right answer is: anything you wish. We are working only with high class London escorts that know how to provide high-quality services. Our London model escorts are masters in the art of offering pleasure to their clients. This is what they do best and what they like doing.

These girls are well trained and prepared in the art of lust and satisfaction. They are professionals that know how to behave with any type of person. Our elite courtesans know how to make anyone feel comfortable, no matter how much of an introvert or extrovert thy are. The London model escorts you’ll find here are are perfectly aware of their charm and power and always use it wisely. So, don’t be surprised to see that you will feel as if you know the glamour escort you are with for a long time. These girls are professionals and are the best at making you feel at ease. They love to know their clients better and find out what it is that makes them feel good. After getting this information, the Confidential Models agency will use it to give you an amazing time. That is how good they are.

Spending time with our female escorts in London will feel like a blessing. These girls aren’t just the hottest London model escorts. They also are refined women, intelligent, educated and well-mannered. That is why, it will be a pleasure to be in their company. Not only for the escort services they offer, but also because they are entertaining and it’s a joy to simply talk to them.

At Confidential Models, you will find high class London escorts that know how to treat a man in the right way. That is why, anything you wish for will be made possible by our. Confidential Models is one of the best escort agencies in London and our top class escorts truly are the finest girls.

In terms of services, we offer a wide range of experiences for our guests. Our London elite escorts are well prepared and ready to make any fantasy you have become reality.

At Confidential Models, you will find perfect girls for any kind of experience you wish to live. For instance, we have VIP escorts. They are gorgeous and will make you feel special. We also have UK porn star escorts. These lovely ladies will make you feel like a porn star too. They have plenty of experience and will offer you a fantastic time.

You can also find here London escorts for couples. If you are in a relationship and want to spice things up a bit, an couples escort will make both you and your girlfriend or boyfriend live the best experience of your lives. This is how good our top class escorts are.

Just go through our gallery and choose whichever girl you like. You will find playboy escorts, hustler models, male escorts, British female escorts, London escorts for couples, porn escorts, VIP escorts and much more.

At Confidential Models you will find a wide a range of services and girls. All of them are high class London escorts and know how to provide a high-quality escort service.

Confidential Models - Your Top Choice for London Escorts

Welcome to Confidential Models, your premier agency for high class London escorts. If you’re looking for the best possible escorting experience this city can offer, you have come to the right place. We have over 5 years of experience at the top, time in which we have continuously improved our services and our line-up of model escorts. Even though we will always strive to become even better, we can already offer you the escorting experience of a lifetime.

The best London escorts in town

A glance at our profile galleries will reveal that we work with some of the most beautiful models in Britain. Our line-up exudes diversity, as we employ models from all over the world. Right now, we can help you meet VIP escorts from England, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Slovakia, France and even Brazil, Eastern Europe or Southeast Asia, right here in London.

At Confidential Models, we want to make dreams come true. With our incredible London high class escorts, every fantasy can become a reality. Everything you’ve ever wanted can come true in a single evening. For us, offering you an unforgettable experience is the most important thing in the world. Thus, every London elite escort in our line-up is beautiful, intelligent, funny, caring and a master of high class etiquette.

We can satisfy your every need, whether you just want to spend a night in with one of the most beautiful women in the city, or you need to be accompanied at a high class social event. There are countless situations in which our amazing London elite escorts can assist you. Have you been on a dry streak and would like some great company to get over it? We can help! Do you need to meet a wonderful lady who can provide you with company, but also with a stress relieving massage? We have just the model!

Do you need to attend an event and don’t want to be there unaccompanied? Confidential Models is the answer! Would you like to present a stunning lady as your girlfriend in order to impress your friends and superiors or to get your loved ones to stop meddling in your private life? Our wonderful models are trained specifically to deal with these situations! For every question, Confidential Models has the answer! What’s more, if you’ve ever dreamed about spending some time with the hottest and most open minded porn star escorts in Britain, you can find them right here, in our profile galleries.

The best high class escorts London offers are minutes away

With our agency, you can hire Park Lane escorts, Knightsbridge escorts, Mayfair escorts or Marble Arch escorts in just a few minutes. No matter where you reside in the city, you could make the booking and meet one of the most beautiful elite escorts London has to offer in less than 30 minutes. What’s more, with Confidential Models, your privacy will always be protected. We do not share our clients’ personal information with any other entity, and our top London escorts will never pass on any details you choose to share with them. All your secrets will be safe with us.

All the girls we work with know how to treat their clients and always put their needs above all else. With an escort from Confidential Models, you know that your booking will always go according to specifications. Our beautiful ladies are discrete, thoughtful and will never attract any unwanted attention. What’s more, if you and your partner would like to spend time in the company of one or more of the best VIP escorts London has to offer, you don’t need to do more than to give us a call.

Benefit from these additional services with Confidential Models

At Confidential Models, we do more than help you meet some of the most beautiful women in London. We can also make sure that you and your escort share a high level of compatibility, even before you get to meet. If you like too many of the wonderful elite London escorts in our line-up, we can suggest the perfect one for your needs in just a few minutes. All you have to do is answer a few simple questions and we’ll point you towards the best escort FOR YOU.

Not only that, but our staff is at your disposal should you require dinner reservations at any restaurant in town. Should you wish to book the most beautiful elite escort London and our agency have to offer on a dinner date, we can help you get a table at the most exclusive restaurants in town. Additionally, if you are in need of accommodations in the city, we can point you towards the best establishment for your price range and even reserve the room for you. It doesn’t matter if you just need a room where you can spend some quality time with one of our London model escorts or you need a place to stay for the entire duration of your trip to London.

Also, if you’re visiting the city for the first time, there can be no better guide than one of our beautiful London escorts. Many of our models speak multiple languages, including Spanish, Portuguese and Italian, and can help guide you towards the best parts of the city and even to the lesser known attractions. There’s no better way to experience London than with a top class escort by your side. Finally, if you’d like to travel away from London, even overseas, many of our models are available for worldwide travel and would make the perfect companions for your vacation or for your business trip.

With all of these services and more, Confidential Models can help you go through the experience of a lifetime. With us, perfection is not an unattainable goal, but something to be expected. We can help you meet the most beautiful London escorts and our wide range of models and additional services are available 24/7. You can start your journey in the escorting world right now, with just one phone call!

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