3 of our London VIP Escorts tell us a story

It’s not uncommon for our London VIP escorts to be booked together, especially if there is a big party that needs some amazing ladies to brighten up the room and make a great atmosphere. And there is no better choice than the high class vip escorts that you can find on Confidential Models. Today, we had the chance to talk to Annais, Amber and Celine about the party they all three attended just a couple of nights ago. Of course, to keep and protect the privacy of our clients we will not offer specific details. We take these matters seriously, and we want to ensure each person that reads this that once you book one of our high class London escorts, all of your privacy is secure, as the only persons that will know what happened will be you and the escort or escorts, and our girls have strict contractual clauses that legally prevent them from offering any sort of information regarding your identity to anybody – albeit just visual – to anybody.

London VIP escorts CelineWith these being said, let us see how our London VIP escorts made the party the attended a lot better.


Confidential Models: Hello girls, thanks for sharing with us, we are sure that our readers, clients and future clients will die to know how you make every place you go to brighter.

Annais: Well, I guess we do, don’t we girls?

Celine: We do…

Amber: Yes, it’s true.

Confidential Models: So, tell us how things went.

Celine: As you know, you called all of us and told us that this client is interested in us, and the amount of time he wants to spend with us.

Amber: And like always, you let us decide whether we want the job or not.

Celine: Since we all agreed, we found out how our client wants us to be dressed, and where to meet him. Prior to the meeting, we all talked amongst ourselves on where to meet and we shared and Uber to the location. I have to say, that it was refreshing seeing Ibiza this time of year.

Annais: What was truly more impressive for me, asides from the fact that we were all booked for the weekend, was that the client wanted us, three London VIP escorts to attend a party on a boat in Ibiza and flew us there on his private helicopter.

Amber: I have to say that it was impressive for me as well, because, let us face it, this isn’t something that happens every day and I think that I can speak for all of us when I say that it was really exciting.

Annais: A bit like 50 shades of grey exiting for me – she said laughing.

Celine: Yeah – she was laughing as well – so, when we got there, it was truly amazing. The weather was nice and fine, we could all go away with only wearing a nice jacket on top.

Confidential Models: So no bathing suits or swimming?

Amber: Well, we did have around 68 degrees in the afternoon, but still, it’s not the perfect weather for that.

Annais: Well we did wear our bathing suits, but inside – she said laughing.

Confidential Models: Oh, so, do our London VIP Escorts want to share some naughty details?

Amber: Well…

Celine: We really had a great time, and when the things got heated after a bit of champagne and cocktails, me and the girls started dancing and gave the gentlemen a little bit of strip.

Amber: I’d say full…

Celine: Amber! But yeah, we had a great time and really did enjoy ourselves.

Annais: What can we say, we did have a blast, the people we met were great, and the whole weekend was truly good and a lot happened.

Celine: Especially for you – she said bursting into laughing.

Confidential Models: Oh, so, we had some X rated stuff?

Annais: As you know, I don’t like to talk about that, but I truly did enjoy the company of  one of the gentlemen there and we did share some moments.

Confidential models: Of course we don’t want to get into details, unless you want to.

Annais: Let us just say that we had a great time together and I hope that I will see him soon. You know that most of the London VIP escorts love their privacy, and in this case, I really don’t want to say more, out of respect for him.

Celine: Annais, you know that I agree with you, but let me just say, that it’s no secret that you spent the night with him, and from the noises, we know what you did – she added laughing.

As Annais, blushed the girls started laughing and giggling. We have to say that we, Confidential Models, truly do love when our girls have fun, and more specifically, we love the fact that our London VIP escorts have the highest respect for the confidentiality of their clients, and that they respect their privacy.

Confidential Models: Well girls, we see that things were really heated for you the last weekend and we appreciate that you shared with us a bit of what happened.

Annais: I have to say and  I think that I speak for all of the London VIP escorts right now, that we are fortunate to meet such amazing people, to attend these great parties and to truly live a life that you see in the movies.


As Annais said, it is true that the London VIP Escorts working for us, and for other agencies, have amazing experiences, and these are all due to the fact that people like you, our dear readers and clients, love to treat them right. And we cannot be more thankful for that so we would like to tell you a heartfelt thank you. And also that we are looking forward for you to book these amazing girls, or any of the models on our site, since they are all great and we guarantee for each and every one of them. If you’d like to make a booking, check out our amazing profile galleries at this link and don’t hesitate to call us should you need any assistance!