Amanda – amazing London elite escorts and their stories

Amanda, one of the girls that we consider one of the top London elite escorts came by the agency a couple of days ago and we started chatting. Like always, she was a true sweetheart and we really loved having a cup of tea with her and listen to her talking.

London elite escorts share stories


“So, you know, this is somewhat like that time that I was a little girl and I woke up in the Christmas morning and got to see under the tree the bicycle I told my folks that I wanted to have. This is what this lovely client did for me. And I have to say that it made me feel like the luckiest girl alive! But let me start with the beginning….

I met him a couple of months back, he was in London for a business trip. He’s this really cool Canadian guy that I have to say is the sweetest ever. I mean, the moment I arrived at his hotel room, knowing that I will have to accompany him to this fancy business dinner, I my jaw dropped, and when he started talking, I instantly felt butterflies in my stomach. You see, he told me that he specifically asked for one of the best London elite escorts to accompany him to the dinner, and I dressed up for the occasion. Anyway, back to the story.

So, the dinner was successful. If some of the London elite escorts are intimidated by high class business man that rule little empires, me, I feel straight at home. That is mostly because my college education allowed me to get a paid internship at a successful law company. But, the thing is that during dinner, hearing him talk about the projects, seeing him so involved into it, how he put passion made my thighs feel tingly inside and I desperately wanted to have that man give me his all. It was very strange for me because I don’t really see myself as a high school girl that gets a crush but, with him it was different.

However, for a moment it all seemed to fall into pieces, because the moment that the dinner was over he asked me where to drop me off. I was shocked! I mean, I looked simply stunning, and I saw that during the dinner all eyes were on me. I did my best to look like one of the hottest London elite escorts for the client. So I was shocked that he didn’t invite me to his hotel room for at least a drink.

But, if there is one thing that I think that all London elite escorts should have in common is self-confidence. So, I didn’t beat around the bush and told him that in England it is customary to offer a goodbye drink to the girl. I put it in the nicest way possible and used my sweetest voice, and he got the idea.

Still, the moment we got into his hotel room, I was shocked to see him being rather shy, so I knew that I had to make him open up to me. Given the fact that I know how to handle myself with men, as all London elite escorts should, it didn’t take long for me to get to know him better. But, still, look at me blabbing nonstop. The idea is that one thing led to another, and it turned out that he was gay!

And the only person knowing about this was one of his closest friend, and me. And that was it. He told me that he hadn’t been with a woman since forever, and that he was too ashamed to admit this to his friends and family and especially at work. We ended up talking and after a bottle of wine and a couple of shots of whiskey, he told me that he would like to touch my breasts, as it’s the one thing that he’d been dying to do for quite a bit. I gladly agreed because this man had such an influence on me that made me feel wet from the moment I got to the hotel room.

One thing led to another, and in the end, I couldn’t take it anymore, and I, well, pretty much jumped him. I have to admit that I was a little dizzy, not something that London elite escorts do usually, but, I really wanted that man. I wanted to impress him, to show him that my woman parts, my breasts, my soft hands my mouth and my naughty bit are always going to be able to offer much more pleasure than a man ever could. So I gave him the night of a lifetime – and without charging him a penny aside from the regular dinner date fee.

After it was all said and done, I dressed myself and let home knowing that I offered him a truly wonderful experience, something that only the best London elite escorts can do. But here come she shocker.

You see, today, when I came to the agency, I found a package waiting for me. Inside the package was this beautifully crafted massive wood jewelry box and inside it a golden bracelet with “unforgettable” written on it and a note. The note was from that client who told me that he wanted to thank me for the time that we spent together and that since then he can’t stop thinking about me, and what I did, and how it felt, and that from that moment on, he absolutely felt no attraction for men anymore and that he knows that the right woman will make him complete, and not a man, as he imagined. And the shocker is that he told me he’s been dating this girl from some time now, and that she’s the best thing that happened to him.

So, I was shocked. I can understand feeling desire for the same sex, myself I also like girls, but, taking a gay man and making him turn straight, well, that is something that I never thought that I would be able to do. In fact, I have to say that before this, I was thinking that I took advantage of his state. But, here is something that doesn’t happen each and every day and that shows everybody that the girls called London elite escorts, truly deserve that name!