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Celine is a French beauty, with long dark brown hair and green eyes that turns heads no matter where she goes. Her accent is simply delightful and drives men crazy. At 23 years old, she already made a name for herself amongst the other VIP Escorts London offers to its inhabitants and visitors. We have to say that our collaboration so far has been one that we cannot call other that successful.

We invited her to have a little chat with us and share with you, our dear readers, friends, customers and fans, why she thinks that the VIP Escorts London has to offer find it amazing to work with Confidential Models and what it means to her, on a personal level, working as an escort, and also, how it helps her achieve her dreams and plan.

CM: Celine, thank you for joining us, please tell us how you managed to be one of the top VIP Escorts London offers?

Celine: Hello, it’s a pleasure, always a pleasure. To get right to it, I think that the main thing that each and every girl needs to realize in order to be a high class VIP escort is to remember that you need to treat each client as a cherished friend. I have met quite a number of girls in my day that were only doing it for the money, and the time they spent with the clients was more an obligation than an opportunity to have fun and make a man feel good. It’s a big difference between faking a smile and actually smiling with all of your heart. And the same applies for other types of human interactions if you know what I mean. I think that each man can feel this. Considering the fact that most of the gentlemen that we meet are mature men, the youngest of them being in their early 40s, we need to realize quickly that you truly have to be genuine in everything that you do.

CM: This is a great point Celine, being genuine, as you put it, is something that we ask from all of our girls. Do you think that being genuine helped you become one of the most appreciated VIP Escorts London has to offer?

Celine: Without a doubt. You see, what I can say about me is that I truly enjoy life, and that I’m a happy and easy going person all of the time. Even when I am sad, I try to focus myself on the positive, because I know that helping other people feel good in turn will make me feel good. So, by doing that, the sadness quickly goes away. It is very important for me when I am with a client, to make them feel good. I know that the men that use our services do not expect to pay for a beautiful yet glacial presence. They need human interaction, human feelings, human touch. Hence this is what I do. And it is this that helps me have a large number of repeat customers, from both London, the rest of the UK and the world, that book me time and time again. This is the “secret” that I can share, and the thing that made me, as you say it, become one of the most appreciated  VIP Escorts London has to offer.

CM: Celine, I am sure that many of our readers want to know what it means for you, working as an escort, and how that plays into your dreams and plans.

Celine: Well, becoming an escort was perhaps the hardest thing I did in my life. You see, I truly believe that escorts and high class hookers can’t be further away. I take escorting very seriously, it’s a service that in the truest form means offering people, men especially, company during the times they need it the most, be it a conference, a private event, party, or simply a time in their lives when they need some time with a highly educated woman that will comfort them.

CM: So you actually worked towards achieving this?

Celine: Yes, I mean, I was already well educated, as I have to admit that I was always the type of hot geek, but, at the same time, I knew that I need to deepen my understanding of human psychology, sociology, etiquette and sexuality. And I can’t tell you how many book I read, how many classes I took, and how many adult movies I watched. And this is what made me one of the VIP escorts London loves so much.

CM: And how does that affect your plans and dreams? What are they?

Celine: I genuinely love to offer people a good time and make them feel better. If it was after me, I would do this for the rest of my life. However, I know that with age this won’t be possible, so meanwhile, I spend my time getting a master’s degree while saving money aside to open my own business. This asides from the fact that I already bought myself a little house in the south of France and I own the car of my dreams.

CM: This sounds amazing. Thank you for sharing this with us.

We have to say that we talked for a bit longer, but this would make this post extra-long. We believe that you have seen how Celine is a truly amazing woman, and how she acts in order to be one of the best VIP Escorts London has to offer. We only have to say that she is by far the most down to earth, funny and open person we have ever known, and that we highly recommend you to book her if you want to have a great time!

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