London escort model stories – Kendra’s Romantic Adventure

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: booking a London escort model can be the most important step a person ever takes towards fulfilling some of their innermost fantasies. We live in a day and age when romance has taken a backseat to more primal urges that can be satisfied with expedience. Nowadays, you can use a hook-up app and find someone in your area who’s just as horny and willing as you are. But these encounters will very rarely lead to anything more than a few fleeting moments of pleasure… and possibly herpes if you’re not careful. But true romance and tantric art are becoming secrets known to fewer and fewer people.

London escort model KendraKendra is one of them, of course. She is an extremely successful London escort model with charisma to spare. She’s beautiful, intelligent and young but experienced enough to be on everybody’s “top escorts” list. As one may expect, a young lady of her talents and assets is very rare, so if you’d like to book her, make sure you call fast. But not before you get to know her a little bit better by reading her story below.


A London escort model and romance


I think there’s a preconceived idea out there that a London escort model cannot be a romantic person. I think there are few things that are more wrong in this world. As a London escort model, I’m a sucker for all the romantic stuff. I love it when a client brings me flowers, gives me compliments or takes me out on a candle lit dinner. In fact, these things usually help me open up and develop a connection to my client much faster. And when I feel really connected to someone, you can’t imagine how amazing the love making is. There’s just nothing I wouldn’t do.

And this leads me to the story I’d like to share. A while back, a client calls the agency looking to book me for a dinner date, with the possibility of it turning into a night-long booking. He wanted to book me specifically and, when we first talked on the phone, he told me I was the most beautiful London escort model he had ever seen and that he’d feel honoured if I could take the booking. We talked a bit more on the phone and we got on so well that he decided to book me for the entire night, right from the start. He told me that he was so tired of hook ups that he just wanted a little romance in his life.

We met at the restaurant where he had made reservations and he was waiting for me in a tuxedo and with a large bouquet of red roses. I thought to myself “let the romance begin!” I accepted the flowers, graciously I hope, and we asked for our table. After we sat down, he told me that I was even more beautiful in real life and that he was thankful I was able to meet him. This guy was really charming and was pushing all my buttons. He told me he felt like romance was a dying art and that there were few women out there with which you could still have a candle lit dinner and listen to some quality music. And I must admit it’s true. Today, most girls are all about twerking, with or without a man inside them, while the men are the ones who are more romantic. He asked me what led me to become a London escort model and we got to know each other a little better until he asked me back to his hotel room.

When we got there, he told me he prepared for this eventuality and the room was a little spiced up. When we arrived, I found that he had spread rose petal all over the bed, romantic music was playing gently and there were scented candles ready to be lit. We got ourselves ready and, for the next couple of hours, we made love in the most gentle and romantic way possible. And then we went at it like beasts, because it’s fun to mix it up sometimes. I hope you liked my story!


We sure did, Kendra! We can’t wait to publish more of your stories.

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