Interview With A Fitness Model Escort – Meet Fanny

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fitness model escort FannyWe choose our escorts with care and make sure that they suit the profile we’re looking for. Talking about a particular profile, we have an interview with a fitness model escort you will surely like.


Fanny- the fitness model escort you will want to book


Our beautiful escort, Fanny, will answer a few of our questions. We know you will want to find out the answers to them and get to know Fanny a little bit better. She has an effervescent personality and loves to be around gentlemen that share the same interests as her, as well as those that are totally different. All the men that have been her clients were more than happy with her services and booked her anytime they have the chance. Fanny is the kind of escort that makes you remember her. She is not one of our busty models escorts due to the fact that she has the body of a model. Many men prefer her and enjoy her company. Anyway, read the questions and answers of our fitness model escort and get to know her better.

Q: What do you do to keep your body looking flawless?

A: I exercise a lot and also started doing some yoga recently. Both exercising and yoga have helped me tone my muscles and have them look better defined. Also, these types of activities have such a significant, positive impact on my mental health and feeling of well-being. I don’t really consider myself a fitness model escort since I recently started living a healthier life. It’s not how I grew up, but I got so into it that it’s become part of my life now.

Q: When did you start exercising?

A: I started exercising two years ago because I’ve always been thin and I want to change by body a bit. Also, it was by the time I began working as a glamour model escort, and I know that looks are important. For me, it also is important to develop myself, on every level. That also includes the way I look. In this job I think it’s essential to look great, take good care of yourself and be smart.

Q: Do you have a special diet?

A: I don’t diet, but I am careful with what I eat. Until now, I didn’t have a problem with getting fat. I could always eat whatever I wanted without getting fat. Even so, since I am a fitness model escort, I try to stay away from the unhealthy foods. That doesn’t mean that I forbid myself to indulge from time to time. Also, since I am booked to accompany some of my clients to a dinner at a restaurant, I order whatever I am in the mood for.

Q: What are the advantages of living a healthy lifestyle?

A: There are plenty of benefits. First of all, you look and feel so much better. I’ve always been thin, but I like myself so much more since I started working out. My legs and buttocks lock incredible, and I am so proud of what I’ve become. I wear a lot of short skirts just to show them off, and I draw a lot of attention when I do that. Also, I have so much more energy, and this is something you need when you’re working as a fitness model escort. I have a positive attitude, and I’m always ready to have fun. There are many other benefits, but these are the first ones that came to my mind, and all these matter a lot in the escorting domain and job.

Q: How does that influence your job?

A: Like I said before, it has many positive sides. I have a lot of energy, so when I am booked multiple times during a time frame, I don’t have any issue with that. I always manage to smile and do the best I can during the bookings. I don’t feel tired at all. Also, since it’s important for a fitness model escort to look good, exercising frequently certainly helps. Feeling and looking good are important requirements for a fitness model escort to do her job and offer high-quality services.

Q: What do you do to relax?

A: I take an entire day off and start it by exercising an hour, at the gym. Then I like to swim a bit to relax my muscles, and after that, I go to the sauna. After I feel like I am done with that for the day, I go home, read a book and take a nap. I can also meet some friends and have coffee with them, it all depends on my mood. I also like to go shopping. That relaxes me too.

Q: What do your clients think about your physique?

A: They appreciate it and with those that like to exercise regularly too I find common ground to start with when we’re trying to find and build a connection. I am booked by those that prefer slim women with a model physique over those that are voluptuous, so they are impressed by the way I look. That’s what they expect to see and get when they’re booking a fitness model escort, and I am happy to deliver.


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