Interview With A Model Escort

People have always been curious about what being a model escort is like. It’s a job less-known to those that do not do it or didn’t have contact with someone doing it. For those that didn’t choose to book a glamour model escort yet, as well as for those that are curious to know more about our ladies, we have an interview with one of our busty models escorts.


mia-escort-6This should help you get a better understanding of how a girl is like, her interests, hobbies, what does she like when it comes to men and so on. Read this following interview and get to know the beautiful Mia a little bit better!


How a model escort is really like- Interview with Mia


Q: There are many gentlemen and not only, that would like to know more about what this job is like and how are the persons doing it. What would you like them to know about you?

A: I would tell them that I am a normal girl when I am not doing my job. I have flaws and qualities, just like any other woman out there. When I am on the job and I have a booking, I try to be my best self. It doesn’t matter if I have a bad day. I always try to have a positive attitude and make a client feel great in my company. After all, that’s why they’re booking a model escort. Just like in any other job, you have to live your personal life and issues aside and make sure you’re offering the person you’re with a good time. Their satisfaction is what counts to us and this is how we measure a job well done. I am very demanding of myself and always want everything to turn out perfect. I know that this is something my clients appreciate about me.

Q: What’s your opinion on the beliefs and prejudices related to being an elite model London offers?

A: I know for sure that for some, it’s difficult to understand why some women would choose to be one. I think it’s funny how some see being a model escort. To clarify, I and the other – chose this job because it fits our personality and needs. No one forced us into doing it. If we continue working as a model escort, it’s because we enjoy it. Of course, there are times when being a model can be demanding, but I always get past that and manage to see the positive things. I guess my personality helps me with that.

Also, I know that many clients and potential clients are afraid that their privacy won’t be protected, but that’s not something they should worry about, especially if they choose the services of a reliable, trustworthy agency. All the other employees and we make sure that every information or secret we know stays inside of the agency or between a client and me. We are trained to be very careful with confidential information and we do our best not to let our clients down. If someone chooses to book a model escort, they have the guarantee that everything will stay between the two of them.

Q: How did being a model escort change you?

A: When I first started doing this job I was sort of naive and unprepared. I thought that I knew many things, but that wasn’t true and I can see that now. Ever since I started working here I met so many people that have taught me many useful things. One of the most important things I’ve learned is that I shouldn’t judge someone before getting to know that person. This is a trap many people fall into. I sure am a different person than the one I was at the beginning and I think I have evolved and developed during the time I worked as a model escort.

Q: Leaving the serious things aside, what are the things you enjoy on a date?

A: When you’re a model escort, it’s usually the client that gets all the attention. We make sure they are showered with it because we know this helps them by improving their mood and their self-confidence. So, it’s a nice change when the roles switch and I am in the center of attention and the client focuses on pleasing me. Also, I love it when I receive gifts. It doesn’t have to be something big and expensive, although I don’t mind it. It’s the thought that matters and I appreciate it always. When I am booked to accompany a client to an event or somewhere in the city I am always happy to oblige. I love spending time surrounded by people and people love me. That’s why I am booked for a lot of events.

Q: What are the things you do that help you look good?

A: I exercise regularly because it helps me look and feel good. I am a fitness model escort because I put a lot of effort into exercising. Also, when I want to relax, I book an appointment at the spa and the hairdresser. It helps me unwind and when I feel good, I also look good. I think style is also very important when you’re an escort. Having a great sense of style helps me look good, so going shopping is a must, every now and then. Looking good is part of my job and I have to make sure that I look my best every time I have a booking.


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