Interview With An A Level Escort London Offers

Today, we want to share with you an interview with Kendra, an A level escort London offers. She is a tall 21 years old brunette, always up for a private meeting with her clients. She is gorgeous, and men just love being around here. It’s easy to understand why. She’s a fun person and always manages to make you feel better with her positive attitude and energy. For an A level escort London is the ideal city and she loves it here. Kendra is a great A level escort London can offer, and she’s working with the Confidential Models agency. We’re lucky to be able to collaborate with persons like her, because even if she’s young, she’s very serious about what she’s doing. We’ll let you read the interview and get to know Kendra better.

Interview with Kendra, an A level escort London offers

Q: Many people have heard about escort services, but not too many were able to try high-end escorts services. What additional services does this type of booking offer?

A: When a gentleman books one of the Alevel escorts London has to offer, he is booking an experience that he cannot enjoy on a daily basis. It’s supposed to be something different and more unique, even one of a kind. Through high-end escort service, men are booking the experience of a night out, the experience of having their fantasies become a reality and much more. All the gentlemen that I met as clients were completely satisfied with that happened during the booking. Most say that it has even exceeded their expectations.

Q: You were saying that men book to have their fantasies become a reality. What can you tell us about the fantasies some men have?

A: I’ve seen and done a lot of things since I started working as an escort and I must say that every date I’ve had brought me pleasure as well. I’m an A level escort London offers because I am open to all the proposals my clients have. Flexibility is mandatory in this job. I remember that once one of my clients wanted me to urinate on him in the shower, another one wanted to have sex while dressed up as a woman. I also have many requests for BDSM. There are countless. And, as I’ve said an A level escort London provides has to be open and think about the client’s satisfaction first. I am lucky that I also enjoy doing this kind of things.

Q: How would you describe your clients?

A:  A lot of our clients are upscale gentlemen, who are discerning. Besides that, I also have female clients and couples to whom we provide high-quality services.

Q: You’ve mentioned that as an A level escort London offers, you also have female and couples as clients. How does that percentage breakdown?

A: Most of my clients are men, as you would expect. I also had the chance to meet a few ladies during these two years I’ve worked as an escort, but there weren’t that many. I also have had a lot of couples that booked me, and I have to say that having couples as clients are my favourite. For an A level escort London is a great city because here you will find many open-minded couples that are looking for new experiences and they’ll often book high class London escorts to have a good time.

Q: How does a typical day of your life looks like?

A: It depends on what do I have to do during that day. If I have a booking in the evening, I take a lot of time to get ready. I am not a morning person, and I like to wake up later. I have breakfast; I exercise at home or go to the gym. If the booking is more special and I have a date, I usually got shopping and search for an outfit. I love doing that. I often choose something having in mind the client I will be meeting later if I know him. When I don’t, I’m just trying to picture him and how he’s like. I dress up classy, but my outfits always have a sensual feel. Then, I go home; I try to relax while having a long bath. I take care of my skin, hair, do my makeup and get ready. After this, I go and meet my client, or the client comes to me, it depends on. And the rest is history.

Q: Is it hard to become an A level escort London offers?

A: For some London escorts A levels are difficult to reach. You need to have a set of skills to be part of this group, and I am happy to be part of it. I was lucky to start as an A level escort, even though I didn’t have that much experience. I have some assets that are hard to ignore, and no, I am not talking about the physical ones.

Q: How long are you thinking about doing this job?

A: At the moment, I love working as an escort. It feels like it’s the right thing to do at my age, but I don’t see myself doing this for the rest of my life. I was thinking about opening an inn somewhere. Right now, being an A level escort London has to offer seems like the best thing to do.


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