Interview With One Of The A Level London Escorts

For you to get to know better the A level London escorts and see what they’re all about, we have yet another interview with one of them, for you to read and enjoy. Today we’re going to introduce you to Bianca, a beautiful woman that drives men crazy with her stunning body and gorgeous face. Just take a look at her pictures, and you’ll see what we mean. Also, by reading this interview, you will start to like her even more because she’s a warm person and has a charming way of being. We’ll leave you to it.

bianca a level london escort
Meet Bianca, one of our A level London Escorts. See her profile here

Interview with Bianca- one of our A level London escorts

Q: Hi, Bianca! What was your first contact with the escort world?

A: One of my friends told me that she has recently begun to work as a luxury escort in London. I was younger and just moved here, so I really didn’t know what to think about. I knew that my friend is an intelligent, strong woman and, even if at first I was a bit biased when it comes to escorts because this is what happens when you don’t know that much about it, the opinion I had on my friend helped me see beyond appearances. She’s one of the persons whom I admired, so that helped me a lot when dealing with prejudice about this job.

Q: How did you become one of the A level escorts London has to offer?

A: It was through the same friend I was telling you about. She was always telling me about the gentlemen she was meeting and the dates she was on. She had a lavish lifestyle, and I started wanted to try that too. I didn’t tell her anything about my wish, but she asked me what do I think about it and if I would be interested in becoming an escort myself. The agency she was working with was interested in adding fresh faces to their portfolio. I thought I could give it a try and after having an interview and some professional photos were taken, my profile was ready. I was quite proud of it.

Q: How did your first booking go?

A: It was very surprising. I was booked by an older gentleman, and I didn’t know too much about what was going to happen. He only told me to wear a nice dress, and I borrowed one from my friend because I didn’t afford to get a new one. I remember it perfectly. It was black, midi and had a nice cleavage. I wore a pearl necklace and a beautiful fur coat. I didn’t know how to dress classy like the A level London escorts do, at that time but my friend chose everything I was going to wear, and I felt gorgeous. The gentleman picked me up with his driver, and we went to have dinner at his place because he wanted everything to be private. We went there, and his chef had prepared the most delicious meal I ever tasted. I was a bit nervous, but I relaxed after a while. What was so surprising about it was that nothing else happened. We talked for a couple of hours and enjoyed that dinner together. At the end of the evening, he drove me back to my place, and that was it. He thanked me for a wonderful evening and left. There are many escorts London A level type that are booked to accompany a client somewhere or for spending some time together and that’s it. So, for a first date as one of the new A level London escorts, it went perfectly. I was worried that maybe I wouldn’t have anything to talk about, but we had a pleasant, interesting conversation, and I learned a lot about him. He is a charming, interesting man, whose company I always enjoy.


Q: What do you think A level escorts should be like? What makes a high-class escort a good one?

A: My opinion is subjective, so I don’t know if what I think makes an escort a good one is the right answer, but here it is. For A level London escorts to be considered good, I believe that they should be open and adapt easily to any setting. We receive many requests and sometimes they may surprise you. In these moments, you have to adjust and think about the clients. After all, that’s what you should do, put his satisfaction above yours. Even so, I don’t think an escort should accept anything. We accept only the demands that show respect. Our clients are gentlemen and always treat us the best way, no matter if they have a fetish or a sexual fantasy that may seem a bit weird. Also, I think experience helps. We’re all beginners at some point, but you have to be open and learn as much as you can. For that, A level London escorts also have to pay attention to what their clients need and how they react to different stimuli. You have to be able to read someone’s body language, and that’s something you should be good at to make a top escort.

Q: You’ve never mentioned anything about how A level London escorts should look like. What about that?

A: It’s obvious that A level London escorts should be beautiful, but, as you may have heard, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I work alongside many different women, and I think they’re all beautiful in a way or another. You don’t have to look like a model to be considered attractive when working as one of the A level London escorts. It’s important though to take good care of yourself and always try to look your best. The skin should be well-taken care of, the same with the hair since these can make the difference. Also, I’ve learned that the clothes you wear also matter. So style should be a characteristic of A level London escorts.

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