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escorts london a level: taylorAnd speaking of the best, today, we’d like to publish a story written by one of our most successful London luxury escorts. Her name is Taylor, she’s a 22 year old Brazilian with a heart of gold and a body that’s proportioned to perfection. Despite her young age, Taylor is an experienced Mayfair escort who knows how to handle herself in any situation. She loves life, to have fun and to smile all the time. If you want to get to know her a little bit better prior to booking her, do read the story below.


London luxury escorts make excellent companions for weddings


When I became one of this agency’s London luxury escorts, I was expecting to have plenty of fun and meet lots of interesting and cool people, but what I got exceeded ALL my expectations. I never thought life among Mayfair escorts could be this amazing, this fun and this exciting. Every day, I get the opportunity to be there for a client, have fun and maybe even get a little personal satisfaction.

My story happened last summer. One of my regular clients called me to book me for the entire night. He mentioned that we’d have to attend a wedding together and some preparation would be required. We decided to meet at 8 PM and go over all the details. I took a cab to the hotel where he had booked us a room for the night and he asked me to come straight up, as he was still getting ready. If a new client would have asked this of me, I probably would have been upset as it is customary to meet in the lobby, but as I knew him for some time, it was OK.

I went up to his room and he was trying to fix his tie, to no avail. I helped him with it and made sure he looked dashing before we went over all the questions we might get asked. We decided upon all of the answers, as he would present me as his girlfriend and his friends can get nosy sometimes. He said he would only trust one of the best London luxury escorts with this job and that he felt lucky to know me.

We went straight to the party at around 9:30 and all those questions actually came in handy. Most of the time, when a client presents me as his new girlfriend, we don’t get asked too many questions, but this bunch was something else. We must have spent at least an hour satisfying all their curiosities.

Then, the band finally played something decent and my client asked me to dance. As we were dancing, he said everything was perfect and that, once we ditched the party and went back to his room, he was going to eat me out until I cried of pleasure. I already knew from our previous encounters that he was pretty good at that, and I told him that I couldn’t wait and that I’ll return the favour, just as deep as he liked it.

We kept dancing and turning each other on until we finally couldn’t take it anymore. After all the teasing and touching, we were ready to do it in the venue’s bathroom, but there was no opportunity. So, we went to the bride and groom (lovely couple, by the way) and excused ourselves for the rest of the night, wished them all the best and went back to his hotel room to make love like animals. He did exactly what he promised and I returned the favour. I knew that he liked me to go all the way down when I pleased him with my mouth. It was an amazing experience that had everything London luxury escorts want.


Thank you for your amazing story, Taylor, it is a testament that a good escort can be an excellent companion in any circumstance.

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