Models Escorts London- A Story One Of Them Wants To Share With You

The models escorts London offers have experience in this field and plenty of stories they want to share with you. Some want to keep them for themselves, while some want to give you a hint of what booking a London model escort can be like. Any girl you choose from the models escort category is capable of offering you a new experience, and it could be one that you longed for a long time. It’s a great start, and you can build your own fantasy on what you’re reading.


irene-escort-3-copyToday, one of our London models escort babes chose to tell us more about one encounter she had. It didn’t happen in a usual place, and it happened in an elevator. But enough with the spoilers, we will let our girl tell you more about what happens when things get hot between a client and one of our London models escorts. All the models escorts London provides are capable of offering you a fantastic time. See here if this story is something you would like to happen between you and her. Read what she says next.


The models escorts London offers and a special booking


I am the kind of woman that likes having sex in different places. I find doing it in the bedroom boring. I mean it can be fun, but from time to time, you need to spice things up and find a different place where to do it. Luckily, as one of the models escorts London offers, I had the chance to experience with that a lot. I met many clients that wanted to try new places, and I was more than happy to oblige and help them with that. I enjoy the adrenaline and the feeling that I might get caught. It’s a major turn-on for me. I’ve done it in a lot of less conventional places, and it was great every time. This time, I want to tell you more about a time when I was in Oslo. For models escorts London is a great city to live in, but it’s even better when you get to leave it for a while, see a different place and then come back to it again. This time, a client booked my services, and I was accompanying him on a business trip.

It was different booking because the gentleman I was with had to participate in a conference and he got me an invitation too, to assist the event. He told me that he likes seeing me there and it amplified his feeling of anticipation. So, we went to that conference, and I was dressed in a blue tailored suit with loose pants and a nice blazer. I look good in anything I wear, so this time I was very attractive. The models escorts London offers look great in anything they wear, that’s not something you didn’t know anyway. We went to the conference and attracted the attention of many gentlemen. I don’t have to wear a dress to look sexy. I could see that he enjoyed seeing I get attention because, in the end, I was with him and he was the one who will enjoy my company, later on. The conference ended later that evening, so we went to have a drink at the bar. We had a few drinks and talked about the conference when he told me that he saw how all the men in the room were looking at me and that he wanted to take me away from there. That was great news for me because I was really turned on. We arrived at the hotel’s elevator and started kissing since we were alone in it. He opened my pants and started fingering me while I took out his manhood and felt how hard it was. I pressed the button to go down to the third floor, and one floor later I was blowing him. I gave him a deep throat while looking into his eye to see how much he liked it. As any of the models escorts London offers I didn’t have any problem with making him moan and try to go deeper in my mouth. He soon after pushed me against the wall of the elevator and slipped it inside of me. This happened so fast, and I didn’t even realise that the elevator stopped and the doors opened. Luckily, there was no one around us. He told me he wants to continue doing this in our room. I was out of breath when we got to the room and the pushed me on the desk and penetrated me again, this time deeper and deeper. He spanked my bum while doing it and I was so horny and was moaning, almost screaming. I won’t continue because I think your imagination will do the job and think about what happened that night in the room. As one of the models escorts London provides, I have to say that this was one of the best international bookings I had and it was filled with hot moments like this one. We did it in another public place as well, but I am going to leave that story for some other time. The stories told by the models escorts London offers are always almost too hot to handle, so I am going to stop for now and leave that one for later.

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