Luxury London escort Amanda – Youth and Beauty

In every field, you have certain representatives, or performers if you will, who have an innate ability to be brilliant. In football you have the likes of Maradon, Pele or the more modern Messi and Ronaldo, in physics you’ve got Stephen Hawking or Neil deGrasse Tyson, while in our world you have luxury London escort Amanda. Please note that we are not comparing BETWEEN the aforementioned personalities, just that each of them, in their own way, is a leader in their field.


luxury London escort AmandaWe wrote the introduction this way because at only 21 years of age, Amanda is already one of the most sought after luxury escorts in London, or even GB. She is beautiful beyond belief and extremely intelligent, yet she is very modest and can always find a way to relate to her clients. Physically she is perfection, intellectually she is extremely gifted, sexually she is generous, daring and always focused on pleasure. In short, she has everything she needs to be the perfect escort. Below, you’ll find an example of how many of her bookings go. The story is written by Amanda herself.


Being a luxury London escort – my passion


They say that if you choose a job you love, you will never have to work a day in your life. I’ve known this Confucius quote for quite some time, but I truly understood only after I became a luxury London escort. Since that fateful event, I have had an immense amount of fun almost every single day and I got paid for it. Every day, I get to meet interesting people, see new things, be there for people in need or make passionate love. There’s just nothing better than being a luxury London escort. Now let me tell you about one of my favourite bookings ever.

It happened shortly after I took this job with Confidential Models. I was requested by name for a dinner date. The agency told me that the client was a regular and had booked almost every girl that works with the agency, but that he usually books two at a time. To book only me, without another girl to accompany us, must mean that he really wanted to get to know me. Anyway, I took the booking, got ready and met the client at the restaurant. Just as my colleagues had told me, he was a middle-aged man, impish but very charming.

We were seated and, before anything else, he told me he was impressed by my physical appearance. He saw my photos and he really wanted to see if that’s what I really looked like and he was pleased that I was even more beautiful in real life. As I said, the man was REALLY charming. He then said I was the most beautiful luxury London escort he had ever had the pleasure of meeting. He asked me if I liked red wine, I said “yes” and he ordered a bottle of the restaurant’s finest for us. Over the next couple of hours, we got to know each other better, we laughed, we talked about current events, we ate a delicious meal and we found ourselves getting more and more drawn to each other. Right after we had dessert, he caressed my hand and asked me to continue our time together at his hotel room. I told him I’d love to go, and then we kissed. On the cab ride, we talked dirty as he told me all the things he wanted to do to me. I was really turned on, so when he told me that he wanted to put his manhood between my perfect breasts and have me lick it until he climaxed, I wanted to do it right then and there. Unfortunately, decency kept us from it until we got to his hotel room.

When we got there, he kissed me, grabbed me by the hair and pushed me on my knees so I could start pleasing him with my mouth (I had already told him I really liked that). I played with myself while giving him pleasure, so when he pulled me back up and slipped it inside of me, I was already close to finishing. We made love for hours and every second of it was intense and full of pleasure. It was the kind of night that makes me happy I became a luxury London escort.


Thank you for your wonderful story, Amanda. You are definitely one of our star escorts and we look forward to hearing from you again.

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