How London luxury escorts feel on the first date

There is no doubt about it, every girl is different and when it comes to the immense diversity of our London luxury escorts, there will certainly be an equivalent variety in emotions, feelings or impressions after a first date. No matter how long a lady has been in operating in the field of London luxury escorts, the starting point of each relationship with a client is something unique that should be cherished and enjoyed altogether. To settle the debates once and for all, we asked one of our leading courtesans how she felt on the first romantic encounter of this sort in her career and also how she reacts now, being one of the most seasoned London luxury escorts out there. Keep reading to find out what she told us!


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“London luxury escorts don’t always get the credit that they should”


Getting to a point where you are part of the elite of London luxury escorts, as we are called, is always a beautiful and exciting journey, otherwise none of us would have continued on this road in life. But this does not mean that the road to success and fame is smooth all the time. Probably the hardest part is discovering yourself and what you wish to accomplish from this career path. This usually happens in the first couple of dates, if not the very first one. If you don’t feel a connection to the client or this line of work, you can never be a luxury escort in the true meaning. Surely, you can carry on taking clients here and there, but you have to love this job and do it for the pleasures it offers, not the financial aspects or other types of pecuniary returns. You’ll know this right away. I sure did! It was the most uplifting feeling I have ever experienced in my life. But let me start from the beginning…



I come from a smaller town in southern England and didn’t get the possibility to explore much in my younger days. I was in a way sheltered from the world, trapped in a local bubble with no overview as to what lies over the horizon. And, oh!, how I wanted to see what was over that short-sighted horizon. It was my curiosity that first drove me towards London. I completed my studies here and got the chance to experience a whole new world of opportunities, more diverse and ever-changing that I could have previously dreamt of. In the hustle and bustle of this huge metropolis, there I was, a young and fearless girl with the ambition to meet as many interesting persons as I could, from both genders, and create bonds with them that stretched to a personal, intimate level. Little did I know that you could do this for a living like London luxury escorts do! Imagine that, I am able to follow my passion and support myself from what I love the most, which is bonding with people – on all levels, including the physical one which I think is the part that seals the bond and makes it unbreakable. Like I said before, you have to love being part of the London luxury escorts sorority.


We don’t always get the same credit that we should be given. It’s true! And this upsets me the most; the fact that we are frequently compared to sex workers or women forced into something simply appals me and my clients as well. The only inner joy comes from the fact that I know my clients are true gentlemen and understand that you can never put on the same level one of the best luxury escorts London has to offer with a girl for hire by the hour/for the night. We are so much more than that!


“There he was, my first client, a gentleman I will never forget”

At first, when I came to the city, I had no idea what London luxury escorts are or how much fun they are having enjoying life through this job. I did have a friend who used to go out with the most appealing and gorgeous girls you can ever imagine, the type of girls I made friends with instantly. I told my friend “I’m going to steal your ladies, they are so charming!”. He laughed and told me to go ahead. Later along, it was one of these posh ladies that told me they were in fact luxury escorts, a term as foreign for me as the Chinese language. But, of course, I was sufficiently intrigued to continue on finding out more. After all, in my humble way, I have to admit that I also was a part of the masses that believed in stereotypes. I was so ignorant! Just looking at them, so elegant and educated, so posh in appearance and behaviour, so stylish and feminine, so witty and versatile, I couldn’t help but want to be a part of that world. So I asked for a contact with their agent and this is how I landed my first trial-client.

He was tall and charming, with attire that looked put-together without unveiling any details about a certain status or background. A mysterious and charismatic gentleman, who was waiting for me in the lobby of a theatre where our first date was planned… There he was – my first client! I will never forget approaching him that day.


“London luxury escorts will always give 200% or more”


From my first evening out with a client I got to learn so much, but the main thing  was just how incredibly rewarding it is to be part of the London luxury escorts category. I got to meet an incredible gentleman, was treated like a true royalty and granted more respect than on many of the dates I had had in London pubs prior to that. And to top it all off, the after party was amazing, if you know what I mean.


This is how my fairy-tale started, long before I took my skills to the next level with the reliable luxury escort London agency that is Confidential Models. I was hooked, mesmerized by this world of encounters and interactions. I still am to this very day and, hopefully, will never cease being allured so much by this career.