From teaching to showing – my dive into the world of star escorts

People have no idea what star escorts are or what they do! I’m sorry I have to put this so bluntly, but it’s the harsh truth of our industry and a matter that definitely needs to change, for the exterior I mean. Once you are inside this alluring and fabulous world of possibilities, as a client, you will immediately understand and feel for yourself what a premium service is like. And this is what we offer as star escorts: quality, luxury and privacy. A deluxe experience all the way! A well rounded interaction, with connections being established from the most basic levels, through initial verbal communication, until the deepest and most intimate forms of getting to know one another, that can go as far as the imagination allows you. It is complete and it is fabulous!


nicole-model-escorts-london-2I was counselling couples when I first met star escorts


Did I ever imagine I would become one of the most desired star escorts that London has to offer? Certainly not, at first! Let me tell you how I started working and what drove me into this field. I graduated from college and got the possibility to offer counselling to couples in need of togetherness. I am not talking about therapy or practicing psychological counselling, but rather trainings and programs through which couples could explore the unexplored limits of their physical relationships. I never thought, at that point, that I would later on become a luxury London escort. All I knew was that I loved to teach people about the beauty of human interaction, the depth and incredible intensity that physical contact can have between two willing partners and just how satisfying the experience can be for all the persons involved.


However, I soon hit a brick wall with some of the couples I was tutoring in the sense that the men soon found me to be more enticing and attractive than the partners they had come with. I did not want to create any frictions and be a reason for arguing rather than fulfillers, so I decided to showcase my talents in a different manner and resigned from teaching the couple’s workshops. But still, I couldn’t help but wonder what to do next? Who could I learn from? Since couples were out of the question, I figured I might as well begin the exploration on my own, you know; dive in face first into the matter. And who could be willing to explore that uncharted territory of the human pleasure levels with me? Certainly, a gentleman looking for a different type of date, for a special sense of connection and a truly mind-blowing time, like the one top secret escorts can offer.


It was then and there that I decided I would put into practice all of the tips and tricks I was giving my apprentices and start down this path as a London luxury escort. I had little knowledge regarding star escorts, but fortune had it that I knew a woman proud enough to speak about her midnight affairs with men from all over the country and the world, arranged consistently by her agency. I had to get that agency’s number. It’s not like you walk down the streets and find star escorts. That’s a totally different line of work and one that neither one of us would ever start doing.


And that was it!! I got a call from that agent, learned about Confidential Models and their advantageous conditions for ladies like me, about the flexible schedule and the freedom that comes by default for all luxury escorts London has to offer.


From then on, instead of teaching people from afar how to be more open to one another and find those points of maximum pleasure, I was showing them from the inside, giving every man or woman that I dated a premium crash-course into the proper courtship of a lady and the journey from a tedious date to the most mind-blowing orgasms of their lives. And they just kept on thanking me. I was told I opened their eyes to a whole new world and that they will never have intercourse in the regular manner again, once they know it could be much more pleasant than that, with no harm involved, just patience to fully know the partner’s body and reactions and a keen sense for recognizing the things that bring maximum arousal.


In all my days being a part of the elite, meaning London’s star escorts, I never felt pressured into anything or forced to accept something that I strongly felt against. Even though a monetary exchange is involved, this does not mean that we are deprived of our choices or freedom in any way. Nonetheless, the client has to be satisfied at all time and this is why all the star escorts have a trick or two up their sleeves. I will put it bluntly, the idea is to please the gentleman in front of you but how you are capable of doing this and how much you can increase his pleasure is solely up to you. Surprise your gentleman, give him something he would never expect, show him your most seductive side and he will never ask for more. At least, this is what I do and I have to say I have steady base of returning clients that line up for my “special” touch. And I’m not the only one from the star escorts in London that says that. Most of us have created and nurture a steady base of clients who can’t seem to get enough. After all, we are the most successful star escorts London has ever seen, according to our clients, who are way better connoisseurs of the market than we are.


All in all, I confess that I could never see myself doing something else. The life of star escorts is a thrill in its own, not to mention the people you have the opportunity to meet with!