Interview with Martina, One Of The Hottest Model Escorts London Offers

All the model escorts London offers are special because they’re all different and unique. We’re sure that, no matter which one you will choose to book, your decision will be the right one. The London escorts models working for the Confidential Models agency are all professional and highly-skilled.


martina-escort-2We didn’t choose to work with any escort models London offers, we chose to work with the best. That’s why they’re high-class, because each model escort London provided to our agency is doing a wonderful job and puts the clients’ satisfaction above everything.  Martina is one of the hottest models of London escorts. She’s a beautiful woman, part of the elite brunette model escorts London provides. Martina comes from Brazil, and her warm and open character is a proof that South American escorts are very special. She’s a bombshell and looks amazing with her long, lean legs and curves in all the right places. For you to get to know this hot escort better, we’ve prepared a new interview with her. Its purpose is for you to find out more about the services she provides and about her too.


One of the hottest model escorts London offers answers our questions


Q: Hi Martina! What type of services do you provide?

A: I provide a wide range of services because I am flexible and open-minded, so I am up for almost anything. So, some of my services include the girlfriend experience, body massaging, dirty talk, foot fetishes, fantasy booking and much more. If a client comes to me and tells me about his fantasies, I am open to helping him make it become reality. I will make sure his experience will be an exceptional one.

I am adventurous and I enjoy every part of an erotic encounter. Even though I focus on my client’s satisfaction, I get my fair share of pleasure too.

Q: You’ve mentioned only men. Do you also meet with couples or offer a two-girl experience?

A: I sure do. I am one of the bisexual model escorts London offers, so I always enjoy a meeting with a couple or with just a girl. The couple bookings are my favourite. You get to enjoy two different kinds of pleasure and sometimes, two is better than one. It’s funny but I didn’t know I was bisexual until I became one of the model escorts London has to offer. I was booked by a couple and was excited about it since it was a new experience for me, but I also was a bit scared because I didn’t know how to handle it. Once I met the couple, I relaxed and was surprised to see that I was so into the girl and got so much pleasure out of it. After that time, I tried being with a woman a few more times and it was amazing every time.

Q: Speaking about the services you offer as one of the model escorts London offers, are you also available for travelling internationally?

A: Yes, I am, and it’s always a pleasure. I enjoy travelling on my own or with a client, so it’s one of my favourite kinds of bookings. It’s always pleasant to change your location for a while. Also, you bond with the client, and there are good chances that client will become one of your regulars if you travel together.

Q: How will you dress for a date?

A: I choose my outfits depending on the date and its location. Usually, I dress classy but seductive. I have an elegant style, very feminine and classy. I usually choose dresses because I know men love to see a woman in a beautiful dress. Also, what’s under the dress is also important when you’re one of the elite model escorts London offers. I wear sexy lingerie, preferably black or red, a garter belt, stockings and high heels. My clients are so turned on when I undress, and they see me in my lingerie and heels. Also, some of my clients have special requirements, so I can sometimes dress according to that too.

Q: What qualities do you find desirable in a man?

A: I love a man that’s kind and respectful, but leaves that all behind between the sheets. I appreciate someone that’s generous and spoils me. Also, humour is something everyone should have so a man should definitely have it. No matter if I am meeting someone for a date when I am not working or I have a client to whom I am offering my services as one of the model escorts London provides, these qualities are always appreciated.

Q: Are looks important in a client?

A: Before starting to work as one of the elite model escorts I thought that they were, but that has changed now. I’ve learned that a man’s attitude is much more important. Just like in the case of a woman, if you have a pretty face but nothing more, then you’re screwed. Some women can get away with this, but for men is more difficult. So, even if a man isn’t the most handsome, other qualities are more important than that. This is something I’ve learned since I started working as one of the model escorts London provides.

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